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FaceApp Pro Photo Editor Apk Mod Download

New Update: FaceApp Pro has been updated and here is yet another awesome version you can explore apart from the direct google play download. The new FaceApp Pro version is (4.3.3) having Full Apk and MOD (Unlocked features) for Android mobile phones. Get the direct download mod link from below.

Are you kind of wondering how people are making their face look old, how they were able to make their face to look like a granny’s face? Are your friends on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter showing up old faces and you kind of wonder how to make yours look that way.

FaceApp old Age filter App

In this article I will show you how to follow suit in the trending #agechallenge with the app called FaceApp on your Android and iPhone tablet devices.

What is FaceApp?

The face app is an application that takes a photo from your phone gallery or camera and then turn it to look so old using artificial intelligence AI pattern.

My experience with this app was really amazing, as I was able to turn my face to look like a 50 year old person as well as 100 years. The funny thing about this application is that it turns your hair to Grey, makes your face wrinkle, squeeze your skin to fit in old age appearance, transforms your eyes to aging eyes makes a little squeeze on your nose, your eyebrow and eyelashes turns to grey etc.

This app also makes you look much more younger than you are or you were before. The Artificial Intelligence used in programming this app is very intelligent and Powerful as per say. So below are more details to this application and the security privacy policy you should take note of before you start utilising the functionalities programmed in the app.

As faceApp is trending, there has been a major concern regarding to the security of the privacy policy, and people are eager to find out or research what the security privacy policy is all about. Even though the rumour has been that; when you upload your picture on this application, that the picture gets to store in the developers server thereby giving them the access to use these pictures in future for anything they so want to do with it.

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Now to clear the air trending news regarding to face app privacy security, which is rumoured that FaceApp gives the company licence to use your photos broadly from the company’s server. After it must have captured the pictures you uploaded during transformation of your young face to old face and vice versa.

Faceapp Privacy And Security

Based on my research and other security researchers, the findings for faceApp made, entails that the app doesn’t take photos of your face and transfer to Russia headquarters for any wrong or misleading use. However, this finding stated that only the original photos which you uploaded to the app are transferred to the company’s server to transform the original face to ageing face version. interestingly, no malicious findings were gotten from the research.

Of course we know that you might be wondering if the App really steal data from users. We sure know how important your data such as: ATM card details, text messages, notes, private chats etc. is to you. so we have done a thoughtful research on this in order to ensure your security isn’t breached. You can read faceapp terms and conditions via their online official website.

make your face old with faceApp
make your face old with faceApp

How to do the FaceApp challenge transformation with your images.

Below is how to transform your real face to old aged face or make your face much more younger than you are now;

1. Before you start utilizing the functions of this trending application, you have to download and install first. So to download for Android phones and iPhones, check below this article. click here and to download for iPhone devices click here.

2. Launch the faceApp application, there are two options to upload your picture. it is either you upload a photo from your camera roll or you take a new photo from the app camera option. Since this is your first time of doing this, you will have to give FaceApp permission to access your camera or photos. You can always turn off the permission access if you want.

3. from this step, it is assumed that you have selected a picture or image or even photo to use, then scroll to the right and click on “Age” option.

4. the options provided for the ages are as follows; Original, Young, Young 2 and Old. Now select the Old option and immediately your face will be transformed to an old man or woman. Also, if you choose the young filters then your face will be smoother with good-looking skin and a very younger face.

5. if you want your original and old-age pictures to show side-by-side, then tap “Apply”option. Press layout and select “Duo”, then tap the “Old icon”.

6. After the designs or transformation, you would like to share the photo to your social media friends and to do that click on the arrow in the faceApps’s top right corner.

7. After clicking on the face apps top right corner then select social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other social media platform you would like to share the photos to, so that it will get to your friends.+

I guess by now you’re already on this application trying to transform your original face to old or younger face. you can use the app to transform both female and male face to old age or younger than you were before.

it was really fun and amazing when I tried it out so I guess you will sure like it. Also share your experience with us. And if you notice or encounter any difficulty while trying to use this app then, you’re free to ask questions with the comment box below and we will do our best to reply you with the best solution ever. you can share this post to friends thanks.

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