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5 Creative Instagram Story Ideas to Engage Users

Instagram stories have been around since 2016. Since then people have used this feature a lot as it allows them to be creative in different ways. If you are looking for creative ideas to add something nice to your stories to get popular on Instagram then these tips can help you. 

Instagram stories are great to increase engagement on Instagram. So, being a little creative can help a lot. So, check these hacks out.

Rainbow Letters

This is one of the coolest hacks that you can use to add another layer of pizazz to your story. Most of us know how to change the gradient of the entire text but this hack will show you how to ensure that each letter of your text is of a different colour. Of course, you should only use this style if it suits your brand design. Here’s how you can achieve it. 

If you are on your smartphone open the Instagram app. Now, slide right to open the Instagram stories section. Here, you can create your Instagram story. Now, click on the create option and you will be asked to type something. Type the title or caption which is suitable for your Instagram story. 

Now, touch and hold on to the top of the text for a second and let go. You will get a new set of options. From the top select the color selection tool. Now, hold on to the text till the edit menu appears. Here, you choose the option select all. Now, all you need to do is hold one finger in the text and one on any of the colors below. The latter action will bring up the color picker tool where you can pick any color by sliding your finger. While you are doing that slowly slide the finger in the text deselecting one letter at a time. This way you can create your own rainbow caption or title. Give it a try!

Get Followers Involved With Question Stickers

Question stickers are probably one of the best use cases of Instagram stories. It allows you to interact with your audience, promote your content and at the same time do a bit of market research. This is a great feature for brands to use if they are looking to get popular on Instagram. You can use this feature to ask a question to your followers and then get their answers as a sort of feedback. This feature also allows you to conduct a poll where your audience can select between two options. 

You can be quite creative with this feature as there are a lot of possibilities. For example, if you own a fashion brand and want to come up with a new dress idea you can ask your audience what they like to wear to the office during summertime. Give them two options and see which option they lean towards. Another good use case can be to ask followers to choose between two ideas for your next video. This is a good use case for YouTubers and other content creators. 

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Here’s how to use a story sticker. Go to Instagram stories. Select Type from the option. And under that select sticker and choose to ask me anything. 

Have a Unique Background For Your Stories

One of the ways that a lot of brands use to stand out is to have their own border or background while making a post or uploading a story. This is because Instagram is a visual social media platform. The more unique your content looks the better chance you have to stand out. So, for every post, you are related to your brand and ensure that they follow a similar structure that is very unique to your brand. One way that you can do this in stories is to have a unique background colour that all your brand-related stories will follow. 

Now, this is quite easy for texts. All you have to do is open the Instagram stories tab. Click a picture or upload one from the gallery (doesn’t matter what). Reduce the size of the image so that the background is exposed. Click on the drawing icon. Then select the colour you want from the bottom and hold on to the background section of the story. Your entire story will be covered with this colour including the picture. Now, you can just put text or stickers on top of it.

If you want to add a background color to a video or image. Follow the same procedure up to the part where the image is covered entirely. Now, select the eraser icon and remove the color from just the top of your image. This will make your image completely visible with the story background having the color of your choice.  

Decorative Letter Positioning for Innovative Captions

This hack comes from Shopify. It has some very decent posts so do check the website out. One way you can make your Instagram stories unique and creative is to position each letter of your caption in a different place. Of course, it shouldn’t be too strenuous or annoying to read. Do not go overboard with it. Just a slight change from the linear text design can sometimes help improve the look of the story. For example, if you are going to wish your followers Happy Teddy Day then you can put a picture of a teddy on the story and then position the letters of the word on the outline of the Teddy image in a curve. 

It is easy to position the letters. Just type one letter. Press and hold and then move the letter to the position you want. You can also change the inclination of the letters.

There are other use cases as well. So, do try this out if you are looking for ways to make your stories more creative for increasing your IG followers.

Photo Collage

Did you know that you can post multiple photos on a single story like a sort of collage? You did not? Well, now you know. The process is easy for iPhone users. Go to the Instagram stories tab. Choose the background color that will best suit the collage. Now, go to your camera roll and copy the image that you want to post. Next, go back to the story you were creating. Here, you can see the image you just copied appearing as a sticker. You can put it anywhere you want. 

Now, repeat it with all the images you want in the collage. For android users, you need an additional application called the SwiftKey Keyboard. Install it and set it up so that you can use it instead of the default keyboard. Now, go to the Instagram story. Tap on the center to bring the keyboard up. Now, click the emoji icon. Next, click the pin icon. You will see some photos from your gallery. Click on the camera icon to bring up your photos. Now, you can select the pics you want to collage.

We hope these hacks have given you some good ideas to be more creative with your Instagram stories. Play around with these to find your style.