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Brain Games for Your Smart Phone

The brain is a muscle and it needs exercise. You’ve probably heard this, or a version of it, before and wondered if it’s true. Well it is. Research has long shown that engaging your grey matter has a lot of short and long term benefits and there are myriad ways, both low tech and high, to do this.

Traditionally, people have used recreational games like brain teasers, crossword puzzles, etc. Younger generations today might not find those pastimes appealing and would rather play video games. Well, good news, gamers have been found to be better at learning new tasks than non-gamers.

It’s not just action games or city builders that help boost your smarts; it’s also trivia games that can have a beneficial effect. It’s also possible that casino games, especially those with a cerebral component like poker, can help improve your analytical and predictive powers! As many modern casinos offer free spins and no deposit options to newcomers, such as those listed on the Oddschecker website, it’s possible to try many such games risk-free too.

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But back to the trivia games, what are the best options for your phone? In general trivia, it’s tough to do better than Trivia Crack. It has six categories and allows head-to-head play in a format reminiscent of Trivial Pursuit. You can also collect coins, hearts, and diamonds to purchase additional features. Also in the realm of general trivia is Quiz Up which has questions from a larger range of narrower categories. Quizoid and Feetwit are two others worth a look as is the app for the iconic TV trivia game show, Jeopardy. Unlike the show, answers are selected in a multiple choice format and the app is offered in a Sport-specific version as well.

Psych is a trivia game with a twist. Similar to Balderdash, players come up with plausible incorrect answers to mislead their opponents. There are music-themed trivia games out there as well such as SongPop, Guess the Song, and Rock On. In these games, obviously, players compete to name songs and artists across a wide range of musical genres. Guess the Song even has a feature that allows H2H games on the same phone so you can play against a friend.For those who might disdain games that may have obscure or difficult categories (history, science, arts, and literature are the usual suspects here) there is another specific themed game called Pixduel. This game is targeted at Millennials and challenges their knowledge of pop culture.

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Back to general trivia the is also an app version of the addictive website Sporcle. For those who aren’t familiar with the site, it’s not a H2H like most of the other mentioned games. In Sporcle, you can find trivia questions on almost any subject, sometimes extremely specific to challenge and expand your knowledge.

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Of course, it’s worth noting that the older brain games can now be found on apps. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, Scrabble, and many more are all out there. Just like sport, yoga, jogging, or weights, we all have our preference for our favorite modes of mental exercise. The important thing is to do it every day!