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Best Solution To Stop & Increase an Alert On Android Saying "Running Short of Internal Memory"

If you are an Android User, you must have experienced or had an alert about this running short or low internal memory and when you check to see if truely your internal memory is low,  you will find out that enough memory is still left unused. Most of us that are new to Android, you may not have come across such and to avoid such thing happening to your Android device in future, just follow the steps am about unleashing below and that which get people annoyed on this Android alert of low memory, will never get to your court.

Things that are required for the set up are:
==>A rooted Android Device
==>And a file explorer that has a root privilege. If you don’t have any file explorer, click this link ES File Explorer and download.

After getting the above ready follow the steps below:

==>Step 1. Go to the file explorer on Root Folder >> Click where you see data >>> log_other_mode,  See the screenshot  below:

Android low internal memory

Android memory fix

increase Android memory space

==>Step 2. Now open the folder and clear by deleting all the file you see inside it.

==>Step 3. Reboot or switch off and on your Android device again, after that go back to your internal memory and see the magic just check your memory again. You will surely see that the memory has increased.

Like some, may ask, 
==>Does it work on all Android?
Ans: yes it does.

==>Will it affect my Android Phone?
Ans: No it won’t affect your Android device but only increase the memory when you delete the log files.