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Download FTS MOD FTZ 2019 APK (First Touch Soccer 19) Android OBB DATA File

Best and latest Download links for FTS MOD FTZ 2019 Apk has been updated and confirmed working for all the eligible Android mobile phones/devices, with a better provided installation guide and steps necessarily needed  to get the game work and play on your mobile phones. Continue below to get the full tips of fts 2019 mod apk. 

The full name of this game is called “first touch soccer” and from the past date it was first developed till now, it has become the best and one of the most/current trending football game (Sports) liked and played by many followers in Nigeria, Australia, India, Indonesia, USA, Canada, UK  and many other global countries all over the World. 

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This game comes in different versions depending on the year we are currently in. For example, we have fts mod ftz 2016 apk “fts mod ftz 2017 apk” “fts mod ftz 2018 apk” and the newest version which we are talking about on this post. Although it comes with a tagged price whenever it is newly launched or released to the public for download, but due to high demand of the free version from fans, some game developers now decided to hack and crack the game to have a mod version which can be accessed and played by all having Android, iOS, PC etc. Fts mod ftz 2019 accessories are also available in online stores like Amazon in case you feel like getting one for yourself. Meanwhile lets proceed with how to get this fts 19 mod apk unlimited money game downloaded and installed on our devices without any error or issue. 

FTS MOD FTZ 2019 APK Android

fts 19 android based touch-screen game has a lot of wonderful features that makes all like playing it and most of those features are as follows: The graphics is as clean as snow if you know what I mean, it is featuring beautiful designs that a well played game should have, just like PS4 Game graphics. Well enhanced and sophisticated game controllers are not eluded in this game design. It is developed in such a way that it’s very effective and compatible with lower Android versions ranging from Android 4.0 to the latest Android mobile operating system (Android 8.0 Oreo). It is also known as fts 19 mod fifa in another series. The game storage capacity is low, that is 256 MB compared to other game size like PES 2018.  So having the size to be small, you really don’t have to border yourself about memory space in order to play this game on your Smartphone. 

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Also, you can perform a transfer whenever a new football transfer in real life is made, all you need do is to update the game and the transfer will be updated in your installed game. Below is how to download and install FTS MOD FTZ 2019 APK Android and steps to move the OBB and DATA files to their required specified location in Android memory.

Download and Installation Guides For FTS MOD FTZ 2019 (first touch soccer 19 APK) 

Download LINks
>Download FTS MOD FT Z 2019 Zip here
>Download OBB file here
>Download DATA file here

Note: The Game files are compressed in zip, jar, and rar. Formats, so you need to download Android Applications like Winrar or Winzip from Google PlayStore in order to unzip these files for installation configurations. Or if you already have the app installed on your phone then no need of installing another one, just proceed with below steps. 


>> Start by Installing the FTS MOD FTZ Apk (Ensure not to open the game after the installation)

>> Next is to Unzip the Game “OBB file” downloaded from above.

>> Now proceed with the process by navigating to your phone “File Manager” or “File Explorer” and ensure to move the already unzipped “OBB file” to the location called “OBB folder” which can be seen inside “Android Folder” located in the “phone memory” (Not SDcard). 

>> Now go ahead and Unzip the game “DATA file” you downloaded from the provided link above. 

>> Again, go to the phone File Explorer or File Manager and ensure to move the already unzipped DATA file to the “DATA folder” which can be located inside the “Android folder” created in the “Phone memory”. 

>>Finally, everything is set, just tap your Android phone Menu and then open FTS MOD FTZ 2019 app by clicking on it. Now your game is live and ready to be played. Set up your team formation and challenge your opponent in Multiplayer mode via a friendly match. 

Video Screen recording for this game will be uploaded on our YouTube channel very soon so stay tuned and ensure to share the game article to friends on different social media platforms. Also, don’t forget to leave or drop your own review and testimonies concerning this game. Thanks.