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Best Cloud-Based Platform for Mobile Application Testing

Cloud mobile testing refers to running software tests for mobile applications in the cloud, rather than in an on-premises environment. The mobile application testing on the cloud using both simulated or emulated mobile environments that are virtual software environments that are designed to mimic the conditions of mobile devices also called real-time devices or on actual mobile devices that are hosted in the cloud.

Benefits of cloud-based testing

  • Eliminates the need for the setup and maintaining mobile testing devices on-premises.
  •  The Testing teams are free to run as many tests as they want at the same time without worrying about the capacity of local test infrastructure.
  • we can test our mobile application on multiple types of mobile devices at the same time, instead of testing one by one.
  • It reduces both time and money, cloud testing will be more efficient than setting up and maintaining on-premises mobile testing infrastructure

Performing cloud mobile testing

Starting with cloud mobile testing is easy. The steps are as follows:

  • The first step is to find a cloud that supports the type of test frameworks for you which you want to use to run tests for mobile application testing
  • We should also ensure that the cloud supports the specific types of mobile environments you need to test against.
  • It is a safe bet that all major mobile testing clouds will support popular Android and iOS devices, but if you deploy your application to other types of mobile devices.

These all features of cloud-based testing can be found in one place pCloudy platform is the most efficient tool for mobile application testing. It provides both manual and automated testing on your preferred testing device.

 Features with pCloudy

pCloudy is loaded with features like Certifaya, an AI-powered autonomous testing bot that performs testing on anyone’s behalf. This way we can save time and reallocate your resources to perform other tasks. We can perform local site testing, network simulation, cross-browser testing, geolocation testing, and many more .For testing any application on a selected device in pCloudy, we just need to upload the apk/IPA file from our computer files and install the app. Then you can perform the actions manually or automatically and we can take screenshots or record the video of testing for reference.

 pCloudy is integrated with the most popular testing frameworks and tools like Appium, Espresso, Jira, Jenkins, Android Studio, Eclipse, Github, and many more integrations that enable users to complete all the tasks from pCloudy with real-time results and reports. Users can write the code, run automation tests, log a bug, use the git and perform all tasks to complete the mobile application testing process within pCloudy.


It is better to come without any bugs and flaws in the market because there is cut-throat competition there .one application is having ten or more substitutes. Testing all possible devices in which the app can run is very important. In pCloudy, we can book devices and perform various cloud-based testing on clouds offered like private, public, and on-premise. With a very reasonable price, the testing can be performed and in less time. pCloudy provides more than 5000 web and mobile devices to test your application. This is the reason pCloudy is the best solution for mobile app testing.