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How to Get Windows 10 PC Apps & Files Launch Automatically After System Boot

Customizing your PC in such a way you like can be interesting, as it makes your operation on the system to be faster and smooth. So in essence of that, today am going to be tutoring all on how to set up windows 10 PC to automatically launch some specific apps or file folders immediately after the system boot. Setting up that gets your special or frequent used apps ready for you to use without you going to start them up by yourself after booting your Windows 10 PC/Desktop. 

Achieving this task of automatic launch app on boot for your system has to do with adding those application or software to the startup folder. Read on to get it done. 

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How to Automatically Run Apps/Software During PC Boot
First to do is to open the Startup folder and click on the following keyboard shortcut; Windows key + R, this will bring up the run dialog where you will enter: shell:startup and then tap OK or hit the Enter button on your laptop keyboard. 

startup Windows 10 PC

Next, go back to the Run dialog and type this; shell:appsfolder and tap OK 

Windows 10 PC appsfolder

From here, both applications and startup folder should be open. Now what to do is to drag and drop the shortcuts off the PC or UWP apps you wish to launch whenever your Windows 10 system starts. Also, if you have any software which is not in the windows 10 Apps folder due to some reason or the other, then you need to drag such app from its shortcut into the startup folder. 

Windows 10 PC UWP apps

You can also add shortcuts to files, folders and as well websites. Below is an example why you might need to set up this. You may need to work on an Office document twice a week or almost every day, then here is what to do, just right-click the file, ensure to drag it over to the startup folder and then select Create shortcut here.

Windows 10 Office document

When you are done adding the necessary item you need, just close out of the Startup folder and then when next you power ON your PC, you will see those applications and files launch automatically. You as well set up the items to launch minimized or set to full-screen. To do that, Right-click the shortcut and then choose Properties. After that, from under the shortcut tab, change the Run drop-down to Maximized. 

launch minimized Windows 10

Setting up this may result to slow booting time of your PC (Although, the result varies based on the applications). But at least, this will save you time of opening bunch of application and files one after the other (manually) after booting the system. So hope the automated way of starting your system applications is preferable to manual?