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Airtel Customer Care Now on Whatsapp Numbers Check Their Contacts

It started with MTN Customer care network which came up with CC whatsapp numbers for their customers to easily contact them for any service or compliance. Airtel is also dancing in the same tune. It was put to place for better service rendering to all their customers who so wish to contact them for anything. Airtel is as well out to serve you and I better so let’s support them to do more better work on the future.

The below quoted text is a recent statement from Airtel in regards to this new development…

“We are LIVE on WhatsApp. This platform is designed to provide fast and reliable customer service ON THE GO. Kindly add 07010000116, 07010000117, 07010000118, 07010000119 & 07012631111 as a WhatsApp contact.
We’ve got you covered”

As seen above you can attest that Airtel in the same tune released five numbers as MTN network did for their whatsapp contact. So this time Airtel subscribers now have the option to either call or chat Live on whatsapp with them, that is Airtel officials.
Note you are required to contact them when you have serious issues regarding to any of their rendered services and not just for chating sake as you do to your friends.

who’s next Glo or Ntel?

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