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Amazing Behold Free Basic Internet Here In Nigeria As Facebook Partners With Airtel For Free Browsing

How important this information could be to anyone who comes across it. I know by mere seeing the title of this post you became flabbergasted and a second thought came in whether it is true or not. Well, it is assured and it is 100% true because it has already taken place in some other countries. Now, rejoice  those in Nigeria because it’s your turn to enjoy from that pot of joy as free access is coming gradually for Facebook on Airtel network.

How wonderful this innovation will be if welcomed in Nigeria, especially now that the economic is having breakdown so it would be of great use if it is welcomed by our government. And hoping it will not be tampered as Egyptian government did when the innovation was brought to Egypt. Also the innovation was taken to India, but the Indian government snubbed it. Back to Nigeria, do you think this development will be blocked in the future by Nigerian government as others did in some country? No one can tell for now, only time will tell so let’s hope for the future.

The founder of Facebook with the label identity Mark Zuckerberg took to his page on Facebook yesterday announcing the innovation of Free Basic Internet in Nigeria. See Below in his own words,

“Today we’re partnering with Airtel Africa to launch Internet.org Free Basics in Nigeria.
There’s a lot of innovation across Africa right now, and Nigeria in particular is home to a lot of talented developers.

…Free Basics offers Nigerians, including 90 million people who are currently offline, the opportunity to access news, health information and services like Jobberman that were built by Nigerians and other developers across West Africa — all without having to pay for data.
Free Basics is now live in more than 40 countries, and half of those are in Africa.”

It simple means if you are in Nigeria, that you can browse the internet free of charge with their Airtel SIM Card.

How Do I Use Free Basic Internet From Airtel?
First of all  Download Free Basic Internet Apk app Here
Or you can choose to visit their website for it, which is freebasics.com remember with your Airtel line.

If you should start using yours, do well to share your experience about it here for all to see.
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