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Airtel 0.00 Unlimited Free Browsing Tweak Reloaded With Psiphon & Slow DNS

 Airtel free browsing is here on your court. For most of you asking for free browsing here comes another for you to enjoy. This AIRTEL N0.00 precisely came out last month but due to it selective method for sims to work on, I decided not to post it. But now the free browsing works on all airtel sim. So if you are MTN, Glo, Etisalat users, is time to migrate to Airtel.
 Airtel free browsing

This Airtel free browsing tweak works without you spending a dime, all it needs is a VPN known as Psiphon pro lite and few settings which is given below. But then, the headline talks of two ways to get it browse free unlimitedly on your Android phones.

The Airtel free browsing tweak works well and fast where there is strong signal of airtel network, 3G precisely. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work where there is 2G or poor signal network but it will be slow in surfling. That’s why strong signal network is recommended for it.
The first method settings to browse with the airtel is given below, let’s call it the primary aspect of it, so let it continue to run for now 2016.

◾ Download Psiphon pro lite handler here or from Google playstore

◾ Tick remove port

◾ Proxy Type: Real Host

◾ Proxy Server: free.facebook.com

◾ Real Proxy Type: Inject

◾ Real Proxy Server:

◾ Real Proxy Port: 3128

◾ Now click Save

◾ Tunnel whole device.

◾ Go to options,

◾ Select Region: United States

◾ Click on More Option

◾ Tick connect through an HTTP Tick use the following settings Host Address:


◾ Port: 3128

◾ Go back and hit on connect

NOTE: Not necessary to connect with the IP and Port, so you cannect without it. Also if yours refuses to connect, to make it work untick the host address and connect with IP.

Do it once. You can browse free with Airtel using Slow DNS.

Below are the steps to get it blaze on your Android

◾ Don’t have the VPN, go to google play store and and search for “VPN Over DNS” and download it.

◾ Now move to your phone settings and create a new APN as follow:

◾ Name- Techbmc World

◾ APN-internet.ng.zain.com

◾ Username- internet

◾ Password- internet

◾ Now that you have finished stting up the APN. Just open the SLOW DNS  that you downloaded and configure it as follows:

◾ Leave the first and second box and navigate to the third box, choose any free server of your choice

◾ You will see something like this in the forth box
<<> delete it and input this IP

◾ Tick on “Keep changing source port”

◾ Tick on “Binary Query” then you click connect.

◾ After that wait for proper authentication…. and client configuration… Once it connects you are good. Just continue surfing .

NOTE: Don’t use this particular package for downloading if you are using the free server which only give 25mb of data daily, it means it will exhaust fast but to download unlimitedly, there is an option for that and that is when you must have upgraded to premium.That’s it friends

Happy Browsing to you all!!!