Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Do You know That You Can Watch All Types of Video Format on Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch- Here Is The Tips

Some times you wonder why movies in your pc don't work in your iOS mobile phones, never to worry because skybmc is here to unveil that to you so rejoice because after reading this tips, you will surely watch movie from pc to your mobile iOS.

The reason why iOs refuses to play some kind of movie you choose to watch if it is by default,
but rather, it only play some formats which are likely to be mp4, m4v or mov; that used to leave avi format to conversion. Where it pains so much is, if you are new in using the iOS devices, you will surely find it frustrating and disappointing for the very first time because, to upload videos with avi format to your new iphone or any other device being iOS will not work, except, you converted it first.

Don't panic, if you are new to iOS , for i will show you the very simple ways, you can watch movie that are stubbon when talk about their format without conversion of any sort to MP4.

Now below is how to watch any format of videos on your iOS device with iTunes Upload.

I might say, you know that, there are many different kinds of video players, but if you don't know any, don't worry, all i want to say, is that, we are going to work with two which the names are Oplayer and VLC. The both video players i mentioned, works very fine. You either download  VLC or Oplayer Here. so make your choice let,s move on.

==>For Step 1:-Connect the iphone/ipad to computer through USB Cable.

==>For Step 2:- Launch the iTunes and choose you iphone/ipad below the 'Devices' by the left side of the Window.

==For Step 3:- Now click on the 'Apps' tab, then goto the 'File Sharing' which is at the bottom of the Window.

==>For Step 4:- Goto 'App' section by the left side of the page and click on 'VLC or the Oplayer'. Automatically the current list of Media files for VLC or Oplayer under 'Document' by the right hand side page will show.

==>For Step 5:-Under the 'VLC' Document' or Player box, click the 'Add' button and 'choose a File' Window opens.

==>For Step 6:- Here you goto the movie you want to add to Oplayer or VLC, and click 'Choose' button. Automatically that particular movie will be added to VLC or Oplayer on your iphone/ipad. Now, you can add more movies again by clicking on 'Add' button.

You Can Also Use The Alternative Which is Wireless Upload.

How To Transfer a Movie Over Wi-Fi Through VLC Or The OPLAYER.

==> Start by opening the VLC or Oplayer application on whichever iOs device you are using and click on 'Done' in order to skip the into or flip via it & learn more about VLC, if you so wish.

==>On the upper corner click the Cone icon

==> Now search for the 'WiFi Upload' do well to switch and toggle it the position of ON.

==>Now take note of the IP Address, which is listed. Example :

==>From any computer you have, open its web browser any one atall.

==>On the browser you opened, insert the IP Address into the url bar section as it is given from VLC example ( ) what this will do, is to load the VLC upload client that is running in iOS platform into a Web browser.

==>Here drag and drop the movie file you wish to copy to your iOS device, whichever one as long as it is iOS device, into Window, or you can do that this way, by clicking the + button in order to select them in the system file manally.

==> Just let the uploading process complete the transfer of file from your computer to the iOS device.

Process completed, you can now go ahead and enjoy the movies or video files you copied from the computer, to your iOs device whether it be ipad,ipod, iphone etc

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