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Paid Google PlayStore Apps Now Updated To Be Bought In Nigerian Naira Currency

Do you know, you can download from Google play app with Naira?
oh yes, you can. Techbmc brings to you the latest change made in line of downloading from Google Play apps for those using  Naira.
This will be of great news to you, if you are the type that buy paid application on Google play.
I think this will be of a welcome tech progress for you. I know many are having problem especially when you see the app that you will like to download but the procedure of paying for the app will be hard or difficult due to, how to pay for the app in naira. If you are the type, i am telling you that, it is now simplified.

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Paid Google PlayStore Apps Naira
Simple Procedures To Setup Your Google Wallet, To Be Able To Buy Apps In Naira.
==>Step 1. choose the application you wish to buy or install from Google Play Store.
==>Step 2. you now have to click on the tagged price.
==>Step 3. Now choose the Add Credit or Debit Card you see there,
==>Step 4. You are required to enter your card details or your Card number or even CVV whichever one that is required and password correctly.
==>Step 5. Now enter your correct card details accurately in the next page that will open, that’s all, then click  where you see save and you are good to go.