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What’s Your Stake, As Telecom Operators Intends To Block Voice and Video Calls on Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype and Viber

 Telecom operators are on the matter to block most of the social media app that supports video calls and voice calls. Currently, we all know that the country’s economy is nothing to write home about, and due to that, a lot of big companies are affected. And these companies intend to maximize their profit by any means, thereby figuring out ways even if it means taking away a particular service from customers. So as to meet up their expected requirement for that period.

It is true that most of the social media apps now offer video and voice calls to customers as it stands, now telecom operators are saying that those features on this apps which we mentioned above, are reducing their revenue. So their plan is to block voice and video calls on most of this apps, they include; Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype. etc.

Due to the findings of telecom operators in Nigeria about the feature they intend to block on this social media apps, there findings was that, they have been loosing a lot from international calls and they predicted that they may loose around N20trn to N30trn before the end of 2018. So because of such thing, they now plan to restrict subscribers activities on social apps like Skype, messenger, WhatsApp etc.

Left for me, I don’t support this plan they are planing to execute, whether  economic recession or not. NCC should be awaken to do something regarding to this idea coming from telecom operators in Nigeria. What is your say concerning this?