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Increase Customer Satisfaction with a fast and Natural Voice-based IVR

Figuring out the best ways to keep your customers happy is key to maintaining a loyal clientele base and reaching your target market. Without a high level of customer satisfaction, you will not be able to get to the top of your industry! 

The top benefits of using IVR voice!

First, we need to know the basics of IVR and IVR voice. IVR, which stands for Interactive Voice Response, is a technology that lets businesses quickly interact and engage with prospective customers and current clients through using a keypad or through spoken language. The keypad uses dual tone multi-frequency methods, whereas the spoken language method utilizes ai-driven voice recognition software.

IVR is a common method that has been used in the past for many customer service processes. However, we often see IVR voice used incorrectly efficiently, leaving frustrated customers and unsolved problems.  IVR voice is typically only successful when implemented correctly, since these systems can quickly resolve easy-to-answer customer interactions or complaints by themselves, over the phone, or on the internet without even having to speak to someone who is currently working at the company.

Today with most businesses, IVR voice is used now to tackle a whole new host of issues or concerns within the business scope. By providing new services, like brand awareness, payments, and promotions, IVR voice can increase its effectiveness within the company.

So, what are the main benefits of using IVR voice over other customer service methods? Well, IVR voice can combine two customer trends into one answer – providing customers with an answer that they can do on their own to be independent and self-sufficient, while simultaneously providing the customer with a worthwhile experience without skyrocketing costs of customer service.

Both of these needs can be met by incorporating IVR voice into your customer service program, helping your business keep costs low and remain effective when it comes to increasing customer satisfaction levels. IVR voice has found a place with inbound sales, accounting, operations, and much more within the inner scope of businesses, showing its worth in many sectors like finance, retail, and many more industries. 

Learn more about the top benefits of using IVR voice with your business!

Happy customers

Arguably the most important reason to use IVR voice to boost customer satisfaction levels is to create happy and return customers! By automatically routing a call to the agent who can answer your question without having to wait an hour for the phone to stop playing the dreaded “hold” music, your customer satisfaction will skyrocket due to the easy customer support process.

Many customers just want a quick answer to their people – and this usually entails speaking to an actual agent or person working at a company. IVR voice lets you go through the speech menu so you can quickly figure out where your query lies, and you’ll be redirected to the precise agent who is specialized in helping you with your concern.

Today, the IVR voice systems are being used for much more! Instead of just complaints and being redirected to someone who can help you with your issue, IVR voice has other functions such as setting appointment reminders, reserving tables, and sending retail bills from your favorite shopping store.

Saves time

Have you ever sat on the phone for nearly an hour waiting for the customer drive agent to pick up the phone to answer your time-sensitive question? Chances are, you hung up before your question was even answered and you were left frustrated with the entire experience. If this happens, you are much less likely to be a return customer at this business, since your problem and questions cannot be answered!

However, with IVR’s voice, this never happens! Businesses that use this technology increase the chances of a custom retention rate being much higher than if they used an age-old customer service answering machine. Instead, this customer preference for self-service automation has increased the demand for IVR voice in all businesses – customers need answers, they need them fast, and they want to figure it out on their own.

By using an IVR voice system, businesses can customize their answering machine and messages/prompts to allow customers to choose the number that relates to their issue or question, such as scheduling a callback or expediting emergency calls. By enabling callers to quickly choose their option, companies can immediately gain the information they need to redirect to the proper agent.

Reduce costs

The third benefit of using IVR voice is to reduce costs. Every business needs to reduce daily overhead costs and expenditures lower than their profit, so they can earn a high return on investment and earn a higher profit margin – and IVR voice can do just that! Studies have shown that telephone-based customer service vs. IVR voice is less effective, with IVR voice costing just $1 or less per contact when compared to between $5 and $10!

Improves lead conversion

The fourth benefit of using IVR voice is a higher chance of a lead conversion. Not only will you have a higher chance of keeping your customers, and keeping them happy, but the opportunity of converting leads to successful new customers is much greater with IVR voice. Interactive voice systems are helping the sales team of businesses replace telemarketing by replacing the tedious process with the ability to reach out to customers, support lead conversion, and quickly routing customers to sales agents who can help answer questions.

Provide comprehensive customer view

The final benefit of using video API to boost customer satisfaction is providing a comprehensive customer view and understanding. IVR voice lets businesses learn the most important details about their customers, such as likes, demographics, and personality traits that can influence their buying styles. With this important customer data integrated with IVR voice, businesses can figure out how to tailor their next marketing campaign to their target market.


Using IVR voice is a foolproof way to increase customer satisfaction levels by providing a higher level of customer service and being attentive to the most important person – the customer! By paying attention and providing immediate service, your business can make happy customers, save time for your workers and your clients, reduce overhead costs and boost profits, improve lead conversion, and provide a comprehensive customer view.