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Top 10 Dating Trends of 2022

Thanks to the uptick in online dating due to the pandemic, terms like situationship, ghosting, cookie-jarring, and haunting have become more mainstream. Yet 2022 wants to be different. The dating world is more than eager to get away from past trends. It’s ready to leave these words in the dust and move on to bigger and better things.

Ten Dating Trends to Watch For in 2022

Dating in 2022 places a lot of emphasis on self-care and awareness. It takes a logical approach to determining what’s out there, discouraging anything forced or superficial. Instead, it focuses on being open and honest, with a lot of personal reflection.

Emotional Maturity

With everything the world has experienced these past few years, people are looking at the reality of life. In 2022, gone are the strong sentiments of appearance. Polls show that over 80% of people are looking for emotional maturity over anything else. This is why trends like fast-forwarding are becoming popular.


Exploridating is a term that references change. Many people have subscribed to the notion of having a specific type that they desire. The concept of exploridating is the willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone and interact with those with different tastes and interests. In essence, it’s giving someone or something a chance that had typically been dispelled in the past.

Older Singles Ready to Mingle

The market is hot for those 50 and up who want to get out and enjoy life. Interestingly enough, technology is playing a big part in this. Data shows that dating app searches by those 50+ have grown by a staggering 3,500% in only the past few months. Not only are all the mainstream sites welcoming single seniors, but there are several services geared specifically to this type of romance.

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Double Dates

Compared to many new phrases on this list, the concept of double dating seems a bit outdated. Yet 2022 is bringing it back with a modern twist. The uncertainty many people faced for the past few years makes being around familiar faces an embracing thought. They’re more comfortable being in groups with people they know.

Being Adventuresome

Some people are throwing caution to the wind and trying novel things. They’re becoming more open to alternative lifestyles. Using Zoosk proxies, for example, is a great way to do this if you want to discover new people.

Dry Dating

A new fad for a lot of folks in the dating scene is skipping the alcohol. What was once a given or even a crutch to get through first encounters is becoming passe for many people. An increasing amount would rather sit down for a coffee or tea, go for a walk, or spend quality time together in similarly simple and sober ways.

Political Compatibility

Politics is a hotbed in 2022. Political views are becoming key phrases in dating profiles, with a 10% increase in 2021 that’s predicted to soar for 2022. People are interested in those who share the same points of view as them when it comes to what’s going on in the world.

Slow Dating

Slow dating is the process of getting to know each other and building a connection before establishing a relationship or even meeting. It’s a great form of interaction for those pursuing a long-distance relationship. The problem is that geo-restrictions block plenty of people from finding true love while on the slow dating path. Discover ways to circumvent geographical restrictions on this website.


Another new and fun term, hesidating is a way of showing reluctance thanks to the events of recent years. People simply aren’t sure whether or not they want to pursue any type of relationship. They’re adult people who are hesitant or indifferent and simply testing the waters of the playing field.

Happily Single

Some people are more than content with remaining single. Maybe they had a recent breakup, or perhaps they are acutely mindful of finding the right partner. Many people in 2022 see solo life as a welcoming option, no matter the reason.


Dating in 2022 is filled with many challenges. It involves a lot of reflective decision-making. There’s definitely a quality-not-quantity feel to it, with a heavy emphasis on preferring nothing over a relationship that won’t last.