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Skype Now Send Messages Using Siri – See What Siri Is All About And How To Enjoy IT

Hello Techbmc fans, the new development on the latest version of Skype V6.27.1 is pointing at a special feature that allows users of Skype to directly send messages with what is called siri.
What is Siri all about? Siri is an Apple’s smart assistant just like Google’s Voice in Android devices.

So it simply implies that you can chat with anyone without typing a word using your phone’s keyboard, but by using your voice to speak out words while you are chatting with your friends. So no stress in typing words since you can now chat through speaking.
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“Sending Skype messages to your Skype contacts/friends using the latest feature called Siri,” the change-log for the update says. Also, the updated app, will now allow to view your Skype recent messages and Favourites on the Apple Watch again.

Microsoft remains one of the best smartphone producers in the world, even their social media made a change in the world. Now, they are seriously maintaining their status concerning Skype, as they want to still remain one of the best in social platforms for both chatting and video calling.

Skype users, Happy siri mode! Go ahead and chat with friends using your voice.