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See How to Create and Convert Videos into WhatsApp GIFs Using Your Mobile Phone

A Whatsapp user who doesn’t use emoji to chat or express
him or herself, truly have not started using whatsapp chat platform. We all are
addicted to using whatsapp emoji especially when chatting with friends
privately or chatting through whatsapp group. For those who Emoji is sounding
strange to their ear, it is actually those little icon for example that shows;
smile, angry, happy, laughter etc on whatsapp social chat media.

The way people used emoji on whatsapp when it came out newly
is now reducing, as many are now focusing on the newly introduced gifs, thereby
replacing it as another set of emoji on whatsapp. Although, the feature was
rolled out on the latest update made on whatsapp, so it’s a welcomed
development if all tends to use it.

Now in this post, am going to be teaching all that have
Whatsapp Account how to create GIF and also convert videos to GIFs easily
without the need of any third party app. And also, for those who don’t know how
to use GiFs while posting or chatting on whatsapp groups, here is your
opportunity to learn.

On How to Create and Convert Videos to GIFs on WhatsApp Social Media
=> First, start a conversation, or open an already
chat whether private of group chat.
=>Next, there is an Attachment icon at the top right corner of your screen, just click
on it.
=> Now, open your phones’ Gallery and choose the video
you want to convert to GIF.
=> A video editor will show up. Now click on the camcorder icon that is located at the
top right of your device’s screen and immediately after that, it the video will
be converted to a “GIF”.
=> Now edit the video and when you are done editing as
you like, click on the green arrow
which imply send.

Note: the
video you are meant to convert to gif shouldn’t exceed 6 seconds duration in
order for you to get a better result.

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