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Review of New Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019 Tablet specs

The Android tablet market in 2019 has not been so good as Google has decided not to make another tablet. Perhaps one of the main reasons for this is the introduction of large handsets that are not significantly different from the size of the 7 or 8 inch tablet.

However, Samsung’s strategy seems to be completely different from all the companies since in early 2019, Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab A tablet with a 10.1-inch display and now again a new version of the Galaxy Tab A tablet The 8-inch display has been unveiled. Come along with Facebook to check out this new Samsung tablet.

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Tablet Galaxy Tab A with 8-inch display


As we said, Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab A has an 8-inch display with a resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels, with a 16 to 10 aspect ratio. Samsung has equipped the tablet with a 2.0GHz Snapdragon 429 quad-core processor, along with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Thanks to the MicroSD card slot, you can add up to 512 GB of memory to this phone.

Samsung has equipped the Galaxy Tab A tablet with an 8-inch display with an 8-megapixel main camera and 2 megapixel selfie camera. It also comes with a high-end battery with a capacity of 5100 mAh. Samsung has designed this Android tablet with a weight of 345 grams, so that it is easily portable and in place.

In order to get more customers for this Android tablet, Samsung has taken advantage of the following:

  • Free YouTube Premium membership for 2 months
  • Free membership of Spotify Premium
  • State child-friendly Kids Home for better control of children by parents

Unfortunately, information about the price and timing of this phone has not been released yet.

What is your opinion about this Android tablet?