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New Method To Hide Stock Apple Icons On iOS Devices

There are so many apps on your iOS device your probably don’t open talk more of making use of them. These apps come with the device and as such you can’t just remove them or at least hide them easily.  Apps in these categories include Voice memos, Compass, Videos, Stock, Newsstand and the likes of them. They are often referred as ‘Stock apple apps’.

As I sad earlier, you can’t just weed these unwanted apps from your phone, you can either stuff them into a folder and tuck it down a barely noticeable corner on your screen.

Anyways, we’ve got some kind of good news for you. With a simple trick which am going to show you in a few seconds, you can hide apps you don’t need without jailbreaking your iOS device.

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Delete Apple App Icons Not in Use

First and foremost, use safari browser on your device and access RAG3HACK. There you will see a list of functions you can carry out. Navigate to ‘Hide Apps no Jailbreak’.

Delete Apple App

You will be directed to another page where you will see what the link does. Also you will see all the icons that can be hidden such as Passbook on iOS6 and the old YouTube Icon in lower versions of the iOS device.

Hide Apps no Jailbreak

Find widgets and tap on the ‘Hide Stock’ link. Now you will get a prompt to install ‘Stock Hide’. Click on install which will start the installation. 

Hide Stock app

After a few seconds, the installation will fail. Do not panic, that was expected to happen. Tap on ‘Done’ on the prompt that showed up to continue.

You will see the stock icon with an incomplete installation bar with a grey color. Tap and hold on an icon to go into wiggle mode which will make an ‘X’ appear on the right topmost corner of the app. You can now delete the stock app on your home screen to hide them.This process can be used to delete as many apps as you want.


CONCLUSION: Hiding your apps is not permanent. Once the phone is restarted which I don’t think you do every day, the apps will come back and stare you in the face. But I guess you know with to do with it this time. HIDE THEM AGAIN!!!