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Latest Unlimited Free Browsing On Airtel Network

Another free browsing is here on Airtel network, are you ready to flex it? Since Etisalat bblite I posted few days ago, some people still find it hard to make it work on their Android device. If you are in such category then don’t worry because another unlimited cheat for browsing, downloading, watching movies on YouTube and many more has landed for everyone. What you need to get this Airtel cheat work is only to follow the steps with its settings provided below accurately.

=> You must have 0.00 naira on your airtel line
=> You must not be on any active data plan
=> Clear your Psiphon or any other vpn data and cache
Leave your phone APN to the default settings.
Download Psiphon pro lite, or
  Pronet or Netify VPN. (anyone can work)
Configure it as follows:
Real host as proxy type….
Proxy server: video.ng.airtellive.com
Real proxy type: default
Click save
Choose USA as location
Then go to more options and untick connect via http
Finally go back to the app menu and start the VPN. It should connect within 20 seconds.
That’s all for that, enjoy and don’t forget to share with friends,…