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Tech news on Huawei Hong Meng OS Faster than Android

If you’re using Huawei smartphonesHuawei smartphones, be sure to follow up on various news about US sanctions against China and Huawei. Indeed, following a US boycott, Google has troubled Google’s Huawei products and even said that Huawei’s future handsets might not be able to access Android OS and Google services.

At that time, it was a big rumor that Huawei decided to launch its own operating system, called Hong Meng, or hung Mung or hang Meng, to replace Android. Of course, this does not seem rumored at all, as one of Huawei’s deputy executives confirmed the release of Huawei’s proprietary Android operating system, even using Hang Meng’s name in his talk. He explained to Huawei’s dedicated operating system:

Huawei is making an alternative to Android. Of course, we’re not happy about it and very happy about being a member of the Android family, but for the time being, Han Meng has been tested in China.

Today, surprisingly, Huawei’s CEO has announced that the Hang Meng operating system, the other name for ArkOS, does not replace Android, but is only made for use in the Internet of Things. Even more surprisingly, even if not only Huawei does not want to change Hang Meng to work on mobile, he believes that Android is now the best option for his phones. Hua Hin director general Liang Hua explained this:


The Hong Meng operating system is designed to increase the speed and use of objects on the Internet, but in the area of smartphones, our first choice is still the Android operating system and its related applications, and we have not yet decided to modify the Hang Mang to be made on smartphones. .

Amazing contradictions around the Hang Meng system and current news

The more we look at the latest news about the Hang Meng operating system, the more we notice the contradiction. Formerly, for example, Huawei’s CEO, in an interview with Heng Meng, said that this Huawei OS is up to 60 percent faster than Android and iOS.

On the other hand, there was a lot of other news that Huawei was allegedly registering for their own smartphone business. Of course, in the form used to register the operating system, Harmony was registered as its name, and Huawei’s CEO or other company executives still did not comment on Harmony. Maybe it’s really a harmony of Huawei’s own operating system for its phones.

On the other hand, we can add another reason for not offering Huawei’s dedicated operating system. Currently, the United States has suspended sanctions and Huawei is currently not in a position to use Android on its phones, it is not surprising that Huawei does not have time to put up this issue, namely to provide its own operating system. Of course, Huawei is far-sighted, and it seems unlikely that with the abolition of the sanctions, Huawei again hands up, hoping Android will be idle.

It is also wise that Huawei will be unwilling to build his own mobile operating system and stay away from news disputes.