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How To Use the Do not Disturb Android Option On Your SmartDevice

Android is one of the trending operating system among other OS devices, that enables you to use some features or options, so as to control and customize your smartphone the way you want it look like. As you may know, android operating system has lots of options and features that made people to like it the more. And in this post, we would be discussing How enable the do not disturb option. Read on and see what the option is all about and how to activate it on your android smart device.

The do not disturb option was first embedded on Android lollipop version before it now extend to the newer version of Android Operating system. The work or function of this feature, is to enable you stop/put an end/limit or completely silence any unwanted notification and alert on your android device.

 The Uses Of Do Not Disturb Option
>> It automatically limit sounds at night hour or during events when set up.
>> Has Mute interruptions other than alarms, in order for you to wake up on time.
>> You get alert to calls and messages sent by already set up numbers.

You Can Limit Vibrations And Sound With The Below Outlined Methods

1. Alarms Only: This feature from the do not disturb option enables you to set only Alarms and completely mute your notification sounds and vibration. it will not mute the sound of your music, games and videos.

2. Complete Silence: This option completely disable vibration and sound thereby making you not to receive any ringing sound or vibration at all.

3.Priority only: This option will silence all sound except, alarms and other reminders you set up.

How to Use the “Do not Disturb” Option On You Android device
>> First, navigate to your phone’s settings
>>Next, click on Do not Disturb (or in some phones, Notification >>Do not Disturb).
>>Go through the three options available for your device and select the settings that suit your choice.

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