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How To Lock And Unlock Your Laptop/PC Using A USB

Do you wish to lock and unlock your laptop/PC using Universal Serial Board? May be just to keep your documents, pictures, music and videos for your own private use, in other words, making them not to be accessible to anyone but you alone. Then, this post is meant for you regarding to such purpose.

Setting up this requires you to download an application which will enable you set the locking and unlocking of your documents. But aside that, you can still make use of an inbuilt Windows system which is called Syskey. Now, follow up the guide as stipulated in order to get a success result for locking and unlocking your computer Using a USB.


>> You need to Download and install Predator First.
>> After launching the predator, just  Insert the flash drive to your system (PC)
>> Immediately after you insert the USB, you will get to see a dialogue box which will pop-up requesting for a password
>> Now, use the flash drive to create a password and then click on ok.
>>  Now, remove the USB from the PC.
>> So whenever you want to unlock it, you can do that by using the same password you used when locking it. Hope it’s clear?
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>>First, you should Connect your Pendrive or USB to your system (PC ).
>>Then, Search for  run and type in “SysKey”
>>Once the above step is carried out, An encryption dialogue box will display, you should enable it and then click on update.
>>here, you can either use password startup and system generated password.
>>Choose the system generated password and then Click store startup key on a floppy disc, enter password.

It’s done! very simple right? Now, you can lock and unlock your documents freely without having worries. Your security and privacy is sure now. So Enjoy…

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