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16 Best Free Multiplayer Apk & iOS Bluetooth Games

There are divers of multiplayer games present online, those that can be played online and the versions you can actually play offline. Some are customized and developed to play online with people in different countries or geographical area. While some are designed to play within using either Bluetooth, wifi or any network connector means.

Today, I bring to you list of multiplayer games you can actually play with your family members or friends through Bluetooth connection.

With Bluetooth games, you can be able connect with those who wants to compete with you. it’s all about joining an alliance in a real time.

So In this post, we are sharing 16 best Android and iOS Multiplayer games that you can possibly play with friends via Bluetooth or wifi connection. Below are some of the Bluetooth enabled games that you can give a trial. Catch fun with friends now.

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Best multiplayer games for Android and iPhone

Best Free Multiplayer Bluetooth Games To Download

Warlings: Armageddon Game

This is an enjoyable game that has an interface with a purely display firepower for you to fight against your opponent or enemy in the game. Here you are provided with sick weapons, which includes lasers, missiles, chainsaws, machine guns and lots more. In this game you have the option to initiate customizable set of troops for you to battle against your opponent via Bluetooth. I just like the combination of the utter destruction factor which I believe you will also love if you could just give the game a trial.

Virtual Table Tennis Game

This game will mostly be appreciated by Table Tennis lovers; the game is an interface of 3D physics-based virtual table tennis. It has a feature that offers one the ability to adjust smashes during playing the game and you can as well do some basic tricks which you normally do in real life table tennis game, in order to outsmart your opponent.

Table Tennis game is all about winning a tournament but nevertheless, you can as well play the game with your friends via Bluetooth or local Wi-Fi connection as it may be.

Racers Vs Cops Game

This game has a built-in feature that gives you the opportunity to become both cop or a racer and have a competition between you and your friends. In this game, either you or your friend can be the cop or the racer and compete with each other.

The job of the cop is to damage or destroy the racer’s car and the racer is mandated to finish up as fast as possible to avoid the car being damaged. There is enough car collection for the racer to select from and there are also some amount of customization options and upgrade to enjoy the game more efficiently.

Carrom 3D Game

Mostly you can play the game with a computer with varieties of different harder levels or you may decide to play with a friend by connecting each other using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to battle against each other.

Standoff Multiplayer Game

This game is mostly played online, is just like a counter-terrorism which you are put into battle field with different players all over the world. Since I mentioned the online support ability, standoff can also be enjoyed with different friends via Bluetooth or local Wi-Fi connection to battle against each other in the game.

You are provided with the opportunity to choose a particular role that will suite you in the course of the game such as sniper or storm trooper and also you will get a customized weapon for the role being set by you. You also have the ability to set up a preferred style to be able to destroy your opponent in the game.

  • Download Standoff Multiplayer Game: Android | iOS


The interface of this game is very easy to understand and this also makes the game simple too and the concept of this game is just similar when compared with Atari breakout but this one has more upgraded modes. In this need to sit together with your friend meanly in the front facing each other and sending the ball from one particular screen to the other. You have the option to either save your base bar from the bullets sent from your friend’s device to sustain you in the game.

BombSquad Game

As the name of the game implies you will be provided with varieties of bombs for you to bombard your opponents to destruction. In this game there are some characters such as the ninjas, pirates, robots and other barbarians for you to unlock in the course of the game. You are being provided with some map with their own perks which could be of great use to you or can easily get you blasted.

This game has some smooth control and also fun ways to attack your opponent and defend yourself as well and the most interesting thing about the game is that up to 8 friends have the ability to play the instantaneous for some insane bombing. To play with your friend you are require to connect with your friends via Bluetooth or local Wi-Fi as usual to roll together.

Sea Battle 2 Game

This game has been in existence for decades but has implemented some new tools and has over 10 million people using the game, it has a very good graphic interface with a great animation also that will get you attracted and the game is mainly for battleship. To be able to sink your opponent ship by creating a strategy, use mines, radars, plane attacks and other available tools to achieve your aim. Connect with friends through Bluetooth.

Mighty Fighter Game

This game has a high graphic interface and its very funny game and has parody of characters just like spiderman, Mario or Vegeta and grant you with some amazing powers beyond expectations and also some imaginative moves. You can complete chaos of dozens of character fighting on the same ground of battle or via Bluetooth with just 1 vs 1 battle.

  • Download Mighty Fighter 2 Game: Android

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

This game is more of movie and mostly robots are involved in the game to battle with great move and special powers. In the game, there are some robots which are popular and they include Atom, Zeus, Twin Cities and lots more.

The graphical interface in this game is wow! You can either play this game online for the purpose of ranking in tournaments or more of less play with your pals via Bluetooth or local Wi-Fi connection. One of the amazing thing about this game is that you can upgrade and also customize robots and also the feature to paint them yourself.

  • Download Real Steel World Robot Boxing Game: Android | iOS

Respawnables Game

This game came with unique touch of humor and fun characters. It is one of the most fasted game with short range matches that brought about destruction in the course of battle. You are provided with dozens of items and weapons to choose from and also the ability to customize either the characters and weapons for your battle ahead.

As the name of the game implies you may respawn easily after dying and the main fact is all about killing and who killed most is liable to win the game.

RPS Lizard Spock Game

This game was picked up from a popular TV show known as the Big Bang Theory. It also the updated version of rock, paper and scissor game. This game obeys the original title with addition of Lizard and Spock. To enjoy this game via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection and also using the same phone turns.

  • Download RPS Lizard Spock Game: Android

Virtua Tennis™ Challenge Game

This game is a table tennis based game with physics-based controls with also an extensive set of gesture portray some great shot. The game presents you with over 50 characters which you can unlock in which each of the characters has their own strengths and weakness. You have the ability to play single or even double matches via different interfaces grass, clay or an indoor court to be precise.

You have the ability to customize the character in the game to your own taste to be able to beat your pals via Bluetooth connection.

  • Download Virtua Tennis™ Challenge Game: Android | iOS

Spaceteam Game

This is also a multiplayer game which provide you with the ability to fix your spaceship’s control panel via the instruction provided to you within a possible shortest period of time. This instruction is provided by your friend and you need be as fast as possible to fix the control panel.

To play this game you and your friend must have a good workable team as the instructions and the control panel provide you with limited time to fix it. With this game you would learn how to do a team work more effectively.

Sonic 4 Episode II Game

This game is so famous, the action involved getting to ally with Sonic’s trusted friend Tails. It has a 2D and also 3D interface where both Sonic and Tails rush for victory and also destroy bone crushing bosses.

To play with your friend you need to connect with your friend via Bluetooth where both of you decide on the character to use which could either be a Sonic or a Tail and you both will clear the level helping each other.

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These listed games are actually the best games you can download and install on your Android and iOS devices for free. They are worth playing especially, connecting with friends through Bluetooth or wifi for the multiplayer mode. So if you are actually a game fan, then you wouldn’t want to miss playing the above listed Bluetooth games. catch fun with friends via the Multiplayer connection mode.


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