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How to Renew DSTV or GOTV Subcription Online

Many may be aware while others may not be aware of DSTV or GOTV subscription Online.
As this will reduce a lot of work by you going to
DSTV or Gotv office for renewal. That is one of the good things technology can offer to you. If you are the type that is always busy with one thing or the other, and not chanced to goto DSTV or GOTV Office for your channel renewal. Here i bring to you the understandeable tips on how to go about your renewal for your channel without visiting their office.
DSTV online Subcription steps

What is required for the subscription online?
==>You are only required of Internet connected device which may be your mobile phone or Laptop/PC.

How to pay for the DSTV or GOTV sub online.

==>You will have to visit this website www.quickteller.com/gotv for GOTV and that of DSTV visit this web www.quickteller.com/dstv
==>The next thing to do is to click on the selected option and do well to choose your own plan.

==>After selecting your plan, you will be needed to type your (ICU) Decoder number, which you can see written boldly at the back of your Decorder

phone number and mobile number.
==>Now click the continue button you see.

==>After the clicking of the continue button, it will nevigate you to the payment page or secure billing where you will be required to pay with ATM Card. either with your VISA, Verve or Master Card.

==>Now type in your ATM Card details and tap on ‘PAY NOW’ button, Then type in your Token Number to finish the payment.

That’s all for it, you will be patient because, it will take you atleast 6min for its renewal processing to complete and you will see your DSTV or GOTV back again online. Was it simple or not?
use the comment box below for your answer.