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How to Disable Windows 10 OS Automatic Maintenance Feature On Computers

Automatic update is a feature built by Microsoft for the maintenance of the Windows and to also keep the Windows features up to date depending on the Windows versions. But for Windows 8 and Windows 10 you will find out that there is no way of disabling this feature. It mostly run in the background without your notice and it does this between some interval like whenever the system stays dormant for approximately 5 minutes and does it on a daily basis. So it could be that Windows automatically runs the maintenance tool in the background.

This updates normally takes place with the aid of network connection and these can suck your data beyond measure, if you think that you can maintain your PC manually then consider disabling these feature to save your data for other purposes. In this post we will help you on how to disable Windows Automatic Maintenance in Windows 8 and 10. Let’s proceed then to the tutorial.
turn off automatic maintenance Windows 10 PC

What Does Windows Automatic Maintenance Actual Mean?
Well before we proceed it is of great important to know what Automatic Maintenance really mean or does by proceeding to disabling it. Well I will say that Windows Automatic Maintenance basically runs multiple types of scans to check for security, performance, and update issues and fix them.

For instance, this windows feature actually check for virus definition, defrag disks, and check for Windows and app updates, etc. This Windows Automatic Maintenance scan is very important for the optimization of the windows for better windows experience but in case you experience any problem in the cause of this maintenance feature then plan to disable it, nevertheless I will encourage you to occasionally enable Automatic Maintenance and let it run to get the best experience.

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List of Some Possible Windows Automatic Maintenance problems
Below are some of the issues one can encounter with Automatic Maintenance while it is running on your PC, in case you face any of the below issues then you need to disable it.

>Your PC will become slow unexpectedly whenever the scan runs. Automatic Maintenance uses loads of CPU resources and you may find system resources lacking for your other tasks thereby slowing down your PC. But if you have high-end PC, you may not really notice this but if otherwise you will definitely notice this with an immediate effect.

>This feature automatically wakes up your PC when the maintenance schedule kicks in. This feature can open up your PC or wake up the PC when you don’t intend using the PC and absorb more power therefore leading to battery run down. If you probably face this problem, then there’s no need disabling Automatic Maintenance. Just enter automatic maintenance in the search and you’ll find the option to stop it from waking up the PC.

>If you experience any problem with one of the maintenance tasks, this could possibly result to PC crashes and blue screen of death. This is not that common, but some users have reported this happening after they leave their PC idle for sometimes.

>In case there is any feature you likely don’t want to use but Windows thinks it’s important for you, then it will throw a notification after every maintenance. This issue is some annoying and will bug on daily basis.

>Peradventure you are running multiple instances of Windows in a virtual machine, then this feature of maintenance can start running in all of the virtual machines simultaneously. This instance could really slow down the system or even leads crashing the PC.

Procedure on How to turn off automatic maintenance Windows 10
Normally Windows 8 and 10 don’t grant you the permission to disable Automatic Maintenance, but notwithstanding we have to undergo some registry hacking. A simple windows registry key is all you need to manage Automatic Maintenance.

Warning: Please do ensure to backup the registry before going through the instructions. Because if there are any unintentional changes in the registry could corrupt your system and this may lead to data loss so take note if it before proceeding.

Simply press Windows + R keys and enter regedit in the Run dialog to open Windows registry.

Now proceed to the following directory in there: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows NT > CurrentVersion > Schedule > Maintenance

Next right-click on Maintenance and go to New > DWORD (32-bit) Value

Windows DWORD (32-bit) Value

A new entry will be created in the right panel. Simply name this entry MaintenanceDisabled same as it is written here without any omission.

Windows Automatic Maintenance Disabled

Proceed by a double-click on the entry to modify it and enter 1 as its value. Doing that will for sure enable the entry, therefore disable maintenance. A PC restart is required for the changes to take effect immediately.

disable Automatic Maintenance windows 10, 8, 7

In order to re-enable Automatic Maintenance, just modify the same entry again and add 0 as its value.

Tip: If you frequently enable/disable Window Automatic Maintenance, then you need to add the registry location to my favorites for quick access. To do this, just click on the Favorites button at the top in the registry and add the location to favorites.

That is all for how to Disable Automatic Maintenance on your Personal computers running on windows Operating System 8 and 10 etc. Remember you should only Disable the Auto Maintenance if you are facing problem with your PC maintenance. For those not facing any issue with such feature, they can still have it removed or disabled if the wish to. if the post is worth sharing, then share to someone. Thank you.