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The Biggest Security Threat in 2019 is to Return to Digital Currency

Computers, the Internet, and information technology have shifted much of the shape of the current world from communication to economics. In 2017, one of the fast-growing areas could attract a lot of people, the digital dividend and the cipher. Over the past year, Bitcoin has come up with extraordinary growth, to the point where it reached $ 20,000, though it was followed by a free fall. 


Digital currency theft, the biggest security threat of 2018

The same rapid growth, in addition to attracting a lot of people into the field for buying and selling or extracting from digital, has caused the grievance of the network to increase sharply. Increasing network hardness means that other former hardware is not responsive to mining.

As you know, in 2017, hackers were heavily hit by racking attacks. Intruders, in essence, infiltrate users’ systems and encrypt their files, and, in exchange for file rendering, the user has the digital money demand, which is mainly Bitcoin. The biggest rake attack in 2017 was Vanakeria’s attack, which infected large amounts of computer systems around the world. Our country has not been immune from this rape attack.

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With the growth of the value of digital currencies, it seems that hackers are smarter than before using bundled software. For example, we recently saw apps and extensions that were secretly installed on a user’s system and using their processing capabilities to do digital extraction. In 2018, these types of attacks are expected to turn into a dominant assault on the Internet, and digital currency and thefts will be the biggest security threat of 2018.

1. Digital currency theft

As the latest item on Cryptojacking, the Archive Poster add-on can be used. The plugin that runs on the popular Chrome browser uses its system’s ability to extract digital currency without the user’s knowledge, which will slow down the computer while disabling the CPU

In these cases, state-owned corporations are expected to be more targeted by hackers because they have a large number of systems that could be more profitable for hackers to target.

2- Extraction on the web

According to the skilled center, another type of attack on this field is extraction on the web. In this way, hackers load scripts on the site, which, like malicious add-ons, use the system hardware to extract digital currency. This method seems to be successful because the hackers have already proven that it’s easy to put a script on the website.

Aside from hackers, it seems that other people can also earn money from this method, the owners of websites! As you know, advertising is an integral part of web sites, which, of course, do not interest users, but there is no other way to make money on many websites. The idea of putting a script on a website for extracting digital currency seems to be a good alternative to advertising and, as a result, to make money for website owners. Now if users agree to pay the cost of content on the website, the malicious script will be removed from the website for them.

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3- Identity at the expense of digital currency extraction

But work does not end here! Expecting digital extraction in 2018 is expected to be much more serious than ours. For example, now, in many websites, to prove that the user is using the system, the robot does not have to enter a code named Captcha code, but this method can be replaced by extracting the digital currency. In such a situation, the robot of the user will not matter anymore because the website will benefit from the extracted currency.

Considering all the cases, it was said that with the appreciation of digital currencies and the shift in the world of technology and the economy to it is unlikely to be, the biggest security threat in 2018 is mining digital currency and the use of this field. So, you need to consider security issues more than before to help protect you from hackers to avoid being used. In this case, the browser is very important. Also, Opera has released its 50th version of Cryptojacking, which is not a trivial one.

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