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Check Out Twitter Social Chat Recent Update Concerning the 140 character limit on tweet replied

Twitter Social media chat platform is no longer counting Usernames among the 140 character limit when you reply any tweet. Before it used to be, when one reply a tweet, both the typed message and username of that person will be counted  in the limited 140 characters. Sometimes your reply to tweet needed more text but due to the limit placed on the maximum character to be used, you can’t make it to such long message. And at that time, you begin to manage your words to be as short as in order to pass the information you got at that moment.

As you may know, the 140 character limit happens to be one of the nice and unique feature Twitter has been known for and when it comes to that, they are not ready to change the number to go higher or lower but makes it to look standard. Just as they did by removing username not to be counted among the words on  the 140 character limit placed by their policy.

However, Twitter has finally updated and made some pretty changes to their policy, which allows users to post a longer tweets but limited to 140 character limit. So in other words, usernames won’t be counted as part of the 140 character limit as it were before.

They also made an improvement in making recipient’s user name to always appear above the tweet instead of it being inside unlike before. And now, clicking on “Replying to…”  gives any twitter account holder the opportunity to control who is part of the Twitter chat.

Below is the official message from Twitter,

“The updates we’re making today are based on feedback from all of you as well as research and experimentation. In our tests of this new experience, we found that people engage more with conversations on Twitter.”

This recent update has been uodated for all platforms. So if you are yet to register on Twitter, do so and have account with them in order to enjoy most of their newly introduced features. Since the new update is now available for all platforms, Android and iOS users can download and install twitter app in order to receive the new update from their various app stores. And for desktop users, they can get the update from twitter’s official website for free. Now login to your twitter account and get your tweet longer than before. Do you know about twitter search, twitter trump and twitter stock, even how  to get free twitter followers? We will soon write about that, just stay tuned. Meanwhile, don’t forget to share this post. Thank you.