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How To Unlock iphone Device Locked With Security Code – Passcode For Free

Do you in anyway forget your iphone passcode or security
code and couldn’t recall the exact password in order to unlock your iphone
device? Have you tried so many other method of unlocking your locked iphone and
all could not avail?  Today, am going to
be sharing with you the basic way or method of unlocking your iphone.
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Apple has manual guide for unlocking most of its
manufactured iOS devices in different model. And some of these guides can be
accessed on Apple company support website. However, this post is crafted out
based on the frequently asked question on unlocking iphone devices, and to
explain in detail how to go about unlocking your device with the official tips
from Apple.

The frequently asked question comes up again; How can I
unlock my iPhone if I forgot the password/passcode to login or access my iphone

to know About iPhone Passcodes,
You should know that the exact behavior of an iphone
device is based on its configuration when one lost his/her passcode to the
device. By iphone’s default mode, there is no passcode. But apple notes most of
the following regards concerning forgotten passcodes:

That if you continue repeating the wrong passcode as when
inputting it in to your iphone device, your iphone will be disabled for a while
before you can be allowed to try again. And after many trials without getting
the right passcode, your iphone will be blocked, as in it won’t be able to
allow you try again until you connect the device to the Pc/computer which is
been used to synced it before the incident of wrong passcode surfaced. (And
that’s only, if the device was synced to a computer before now)

Note: There is an option for you to configure your iphone
device in order to format or erase its data after 10 consecutive incorrect
password trials. Although, the settings is switched off by default mode, and
can be turned on by going to settings via your menu section > click on
General > Passcode Lock.
At this point, if you don’t recall your iphone passcode,
you can still restore your device through the computer you used during the last
synced or via iClouding it. This is very important because, it helps you reset
your passcode and same time, retrieve your data backed up to the device. So in
other words, the method is cool and nice for restoring all you got in the
iphone before resetting it. Meanwhile, if you choose to restore in any computer
because you didn’t synced it initially, then the device will be able to unlock
thereby clearing the lost or forgotten passcode, but your data will be lost
because you didn’t synced initially with the PC used.

As you may know, any Apple representative can’t unlock
your iphone without having to restore the iphone either, so once the restore
option is used on the device, all the data in it will be erased completely. And
your iphone will become as if you bought it newly. As everything will now show
as it were when released for purchase by Apple iOS manufacturing company.

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to Unlock An iPhone Passcodes With Restore Option

Yes you have come to realize that you have no other
option than to restore your iphone because you have completely exhausted the
trial period and couldn’t remember the exact passcode used before. Now, to
restore your iphone recall that it will delete all your data in the device,
such as applications, videos, songs, games, photos/images,  ebooks in pdfs and so many other things you
saved in the storage memory. So at this point in time, all you need to do in order
to have your files back to your iphone after restoring is simply to back it up.
So after ensuring your iphone contents has been backed up then read on the
below tips in order to restore it.

Device Initially Synchronized Using a Mac or PC

In case you have initially synchronized your iPhone
device with iTunes on a Mac or Windows computer system, you can still backup
most of the recent additions to the iphone you are using, just by connecting
your smartphone to that same PC you have already used before now without having
to enter/input your lost forgotten passcode.

And after the successful backup, all you just need to do
is to “restore” your smart iphone device and then have those files you backup
copied to your iphone with the use of iTunes.

here comes the official Apple’s Instruction Or Guide to restore an iphone with

>> First, connect your smart iphone device to the PC
(which you initially used to synced it).

>> Now in iTunes, select the iphone right from the
option with “Devices” list, then at
the top of the screen “Summary”

>> So if iTunes didn’t automatically synchronize
your iPhone device, you can proceed to that manually, ensuring the synchronization
and backup were successful.

>> Next, click on where you see “Check for update.” And iTunes will let
you know whether there is a newer version of the iphone software available.

>> Now, click
on Restore
, and follow the displayed on-screen prompts in order to have the
process completely executed. As you are on the process of restoring the device,
it is recommended that you [again] backup the iphone when asked to do so.

>> Still on the process, if you are asked to set up
your iphone by the iOS Setup Assistant, then select “Restore from iTunes

>> Do well to select your device in iTunes and also
choose the most recent backup of your iphone device you did in the last backup
as recommended in one of the steps above.

>> That’s all for the steps above. So after the
processes have been successful, your iphone smart device will be restored followed
with the last previous backup you did, all the information will be restored to
your device, leaving the passcode settings open for any new passcode you want
to use. This time around, if you still wish to use the passcode feature on your
iphone, please take down the password on anywhere you can get it if you
eventually forget it again. But it is advisable not to use the feature again in
order not to fall into this mess again. That’s my candid advice. 

For iPhones
Initially Backed Up with iCloud

As explained by Apple, “If you Find My iPhone enabled, to
erase the contents of your device can be achieved with Remote Wipe. Just like
iCloud, if you have been using it to backup, you are likely to restore the most
recent backup to reset the passcode after the device has been erased.”

The use of iCloud processes to erase an iphone was
explained by Apple, to be recommended mostly for iphone devices that has been
stolen or damaged through an accident, so as we may have it, the use of an
iCloud for forgotten password is also available to be used to achieve such aim
the title of this post stated. Below are steps:

>> First thing to do, is to sign in to iCloud using
your Apple ID which was used to register for it, (rather than that of your
iphone passcode which you are unable to recall now), and click on where you see
“Find My iPhone.”

>> Next, click on “All Devices,” and choose the iphone you wish to erase.

>> Click “Erase
In the Info window.

>> Now type in your Apple ID password in the option
provided, in order to confirm the process. 
And if the iphone you are trying to erase its data has iOS 7 or later then,
enter your phone number and message. (The message and the phone number will be
displayed to anyone who might have found your iphone device if it happens that
it get lost or stolen. In other words, to just erase the iphone is not

>> However, you can restore the information/data
from iCloud backup to your iphone device (if only the backup was turned on
before you erased it).

>> As it were during the iTunes restore process, that’s
how your iphone will be restored through iCloud, saving back the last backup
you did. Now your iphone will no longer be locked because it has been unlocked
via this process, and the option of passcode settings is now free and open for
another set up of password if you still care to use the function. So ensure to
use wisely if you care to set another passcode.

For iPhone
Device That Has Never Undergo Synchronization or Backed-Up Before

In case you have never synchronized your iPhone before
with iTunes via a PC or have never backup your device through iCloud before,
then the only option left for you is to restore the iphone as new and by mere
doing that all your data will be deleted. And here, a passcode which can be
bypassed by anyone would not be of much use to you, as that was done that way
just for security purposes.

So in order not start all over as a new user to the
iphone you got, just relax your brain by taking a nap. And after that, take
your shower without thinking much about the password. Then leave the phone and
go out probably to take a work, chat and have fun with friends, in the process
of doing that, your password may flash to your memory, just look for pen and
paper and jot it down. So when you get to where you kept your iphone, just
enter the password.

But should in case you have tried all these and couldn’t
recall the password to the iphone device, then have it that the only option
left is to restore the device even if the personal information you have in it
is so much important to you.

Nevertheless, in case of next time, ensure to back-up
your iphone device with iTunes or iCloud. Also do not choose to use passcode if
you are likely to face such issue in the future. You can use fingerprint
enabled Touch ID instead.
Hope the iphone troubleshooting and repair guide was successful,
now comment and share the post for your friends to gain from it. Thank you.

Credit: everymac.com 

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