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Gmail App To Support Gboard GIF On Both iOS and Android Devices

Google just added Gboard GIF on its mailing system App popularly
known as Gmail App. Of course everyone should know that Gmail enables users
with registered email account send and receive messages or mails in pdf, text,
videos etc and in many other formats with the use of an address registered by
users on the platform called email.

 Recently, more
features and updates have been rolling out for Google mail app, in order to keep
users engaged and enjoy their services they are rendering. Currently, another feature
is out, as Gboard GIF has been added to Gmail app for iOS and Android Devices.

You can use this newly introduced feature of Gboard gif to
express yourself when sending message to someone or to the contacts on your Gmail
list. These days, most social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook
messaging apps are now introducing more of gifs to be used just like emojis.

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And as we speak, Facebook and WhatsApp have already
rolled out the feature for its users. And during the course of that, several supported
animated Gifs were added for both iOS devices and that of Android too. Today,
Gmail app has followed suit in introducing that to its iOS and Android users.

The new update about this Gboard GIF on gmail App is
presently available for iOS devices like iphone/ipad and will soon be rolled
out for Android users.  So In case if the
feature has not gotten to your own app, you need not to worry about that, Just relax
and wait for the update to get to your own Gmail app.

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