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Check How to find Any Lost Or Stolen Android Phone Whichever Country You Are

You can now find your lost or stolen Android phones whichever location you are residing. Before now,  finding stolen or lost phone has been with the use of Standalone Android Device Manager Application. But now, the very good news to all android users is that, Google has come up with what I call “A lost and found mission” As you can now find the details of your device location and not only that, you can as well make the phone to ring at its peak volume, so as to locate it immediately with that enabled ability, and with Lot’s of more. Read on for that.

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Google also provided the option for locking the phone remotely from wherever you are. You can achieve that by following the provided guide steps below;

To locate your Android device, logon to Google’s My Account Hub
( Note: you really need to login, in order to access your connected Android phones)
Next, click on the particular Android device you wish to find its location details.

From the options available there, choose the method in which you wish to find your android phone.
Below are they options as it will be provided when you logon to the google account hub. They are as follows:

>>Lock your Phone
>>Try Calling your Phone
>>Sign out on your Phone
>>Get in touch with your Operator

Now, explore any of the given options above on the app, just to make research/findings of your phone where about.

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TIP: Do make sure, that your own location is turned on always, in order to enable this Android Device findind service, work for you.

With out being told, this should let us know that, the rate of loss or stolen phone will definitely reduce.

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