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Futuristic of Big Data and Data Mining in Real Life Business

Data has become an important part of all businesses today, but how is it collected and used for what purpose?

A few years ago, when I had not yet chosen my field of activity and was constantly consulting with others, one tech activist told me an interesting phrase: the future is in the data. For a while now, I have been more and more convinced of this statement by technology events. At the same time, the news about Avast antivirus data gathering and selling this data to large companies made me write this.

You must be sure to log in to a website like DJ’s and be surprised to find that the products you have been searching for before are being offered. This example might be more appealing to you when you are talking about a particular topic, and your computer is on, the ads you see on many external websites are related to your topic! For better understanding, continue reading below.

In fact, data is becoming a big, high-profile, vital business. In fact, businesses are using this data to decide how to plan their next move. Different businesses collect and analyze the behavior of their users, using the same data from all of their users to design their own business model.

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There are many ways to collect data and behavior from customers and users of websites. One of the most common methods is to store cookies. You may have come across many websites these days that require you to access cookie storage.

Another way is the tools Google provides webmasters. Google Analytics is one of those tools that keeps track of the exact number of website visitors, the resources that visitors come to, their operating system, pages of the site they visit, etc. puts.

Websites themselves can collect their users’ data in various ways. Certainly online stores can keep track of their customers’ purchases history, analyzing data to find out what season of the year, what product is selling the most, and so on.

But the question may also arise as to what is the use of this data? Different businesses can use this data for a variety of applications. For example, different websites may find out which operating system their users use most to optimize their website for that operating system. Or they find out which pages are more visited than their website to make good use of them.

Using the same data, online stores can offer their users the products they need. For example, a user who bought an iPhone last year is likely to be looking to buy the AirPad Pro this year. So the system simply finds a potential customer and sends them a product purchase offer.

If we were to illustrate another example of data usage in our everyday world, we could point to grocery stores. If you are careful, they always put butter next to jars of jams, because the one who buys jams will probably buy butter too.

In the field of data, we can refer to two basic concepts, one being Big Data and the other being Data Mining.

What is a Big Data?

Big Data is actually a large amount of data that can be structured, semi-structured, or unstructured. In fact, Big Data is a feed for Data Mining. Learn more about big data here

What is Data Mining?

Data mining is the process of extracting hidden and hidden patterns and defining relationships between large data in a large database or Big Data. Data mining, or data mining, is often known as KDD database discovery.

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