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USPS Trucking Jobs; Pay &;Benefits

The USPS (United States Postal Service) is one of the largest employers in the country, and it has a trucking division to match. The USPS requires its drivers to be able to handle heavy loads and move them quickly, and they do this by providing them with high-powered trucks and other equipment.

The USPS offers various jobs for its truckers, including mail delivery routes, package delivery missions, and local transportation missions. The main goal of this job is to help people get their packages or letters delivered on time so that they can get what they need when they need it most.

It is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a good-paying job that will allow them to work from home or wherever else they choose.

We will also talk more about the USPS Trucking Jobs.

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United States Postal Service

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the cornerstone of the country’s mail sector. Therefore, carrying postal trucking routes is common for truckers who desire a safe route that keeps them close to home.

Although the compensation for USPS truck drivers isn’t as good as for drivers for bigger trucking companies, you will have job security and home time that are difficult to come by in a typical CDL career.

Demands for Candidates

To apply for a job with the USPS, a person must be at least 18 years old and a citizen of the United States or an alien with legal status to remain in the country permanently.

Candidates for trucking jobs are subjected to drug tests and background investigations, including confirmation of a history of safe driving.

The USPS requires candidates for truck driving positions to have a current commercial driver’s license with air brake certification. They must have experience operating big vehicles, including seven-ton trucks or passenger cars, in the United States or its possessions. Candidates for a USPS truck driver position must pass a test about their position.

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United States Postal Service Trucking Jobs

The USPS hires motor vehicle operators to fill local trucking roles at community postal locations like branch sites, main post offices, and mail processing facilities.

These truck drivers gather and transport large amounts of mail along predetermined routes to and from collecting boxes, branch offices, postal stations, and termination points.

Daily vehicle inspections and adherence to mail handling and vehicle operation safety regulations are among the responsibilities.

Trailer Tractor Drivers

Trailer Tractor Drivers
Trailer Tractor Drivers

Drivers of tractor-trailers follow predetermined routes to gather and transport enormous quantities of bulk mail from locations where such mail is collected, such as post offices, airports, and railroad facilities.

The USPS stipulates that the typical applicant’s driving experience, frequently two years, must include at least six months of experience operating a tractor-trailer.

Tractor-trailer drivers connect with trucking operations staff to get instructions, such as route adjustments and unscheduled pickups.

Responsibilities Of USPS Trucking Jobs

The responsibilities of the United States Truck Drivers:

  • Among a USPS truck driver’s duties are the following:
  • Within a specified area, deliver packages to companies or residences.
  • Before placing them on the truck, you must check the parcels for damage and flaws.
  • To find exact delivery locations, study maps, and other textual information.
  • Use the vehicle’s lift gate or ramp system when loading and unloading cargo.
  • Discuss the status of deliveries and any issues with deliveries with the dispatchers.
  • Keep thorough records of the packages delivered throughout each shift
  • Carry out the truck’s required maintenance, such as oil changes, brake adjustments, and tire rotations.
  • To ensure the vehicle operates safely, adhere to safety regulations when driving.
  • Put the packages in the storage spaces at the homes or companies.

USPS Trucking Jobs Pay

USPS Trucking Jobs Pay
USPS Trucking Jobs Pay

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay for a USPS truck driver, or mail carrier in general, is $ 54,370 per year. The average pay for a mail delivery driver is $ 26.14 per hour. The hourly wage for a USPS driver is the lowest at $8.41.

You may find more compensation statistics on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics website. In addition, the postal service gives a salary based on education, experience, skills, and location.

Finding the shortest and quickest path to deliver the parcels will be the most frequent challenge you face as a mail delivery driver for the United States Postal Service.

How Can I Become a USPS Driver?

The following steps must be followed to become a postal carrier or driver with the USPS:

1. Get a High School Diploma Certificate or GED

To work as a mail carrier, you must possess a high school diploma or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

Even though a graduate who is 16 or 17 years old is still deemed qualified for this employment, the minimum age requirement for it is 18.

2. You Must Fulfill The Position’s Requirements

You must fulfill a few minimum qualifications to work as a mail carrier.

1. Physical requirements

The duties of a mail carrier include transporting bulky parcels to several residences. Therefore, one must be physically fit to walk, kneel, bend, or push without discomfort. Moreover, you must regularly lift at least 50 pounds.

Some city-based mail couriers may have a daily walking distance of ten miles. Therefore, a mail courier must meet these physical requirements.

2. Driving History

Even though you will be walking and carrying the mail parcels, you must be aware of the need to drive the vehicle to the destination first before beginning the delivery task. In any US state where you obtained your driver’s license, you must have a five-year safe driving history.

3. Drug Evaluation

The drug test is to make sure you don’t use any illicit substances. Thus, you must pass it.

3. Criminal History Checks

The post office is a federal agency. Consequently, you must clear a criminal background check to work as a mail carrier.

4. Medical Evaluation

You must complete a physical examination that establishes your physical fitness for the physical job needed of a mail carrier.

3. Take the Postal Test to Become a USPS Driver and Ensure You Pass the Exam.

The postal exam, commonly referred to as the 473 postal test, consists of four sections:

  • Your ability to fill out forms efficiently is put to the test.
  • Test your abilities to check and enter an array of addresses with an address cross-comparison.
  • Your memory skills will be assessed using memory and coding.
  • Your physical and mental abilities will be put to the test by your personal traits and experiences.
  • Although some exam sections can be completed online at home, some require a testing session at an authorized location. It takes an hour to finish each section of the exam.

4. Finish the Interviewing Procedure.

You become eligible for the interview if you complete the abovementioned levels with a high score.

Although you may have received great grades, you may still apply for up to six years for the mail carrier position if you are not called to participate in an interview.

5. Get More Instruction

The next thing is to get further instructions to become a USPS driver. You must complete extra training after being hired as a mail carrier to advance in the company.

USPS Trucking Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

How are mail carriers and delivery drivers different from one another?

Frequently, these two terms are misunderstood. Let’s now make it clear. For the USPS, mail couriers do their duties.

They, therefore, work for the government. To send packages, people use the mail service. Additionally, delivery personnel transport food, furniture, and other items to customers’ homes while working for shipping companies, merchants, or restaurants.

How many hours a day, on average, does a mail carrier work?

Postal is delivered to homes, businesses, and government buildings by USPS postal carriers. Although they work an average of 40 hours, each week may go longer depending on the workload.

Depending on the route, postal carriers may make deliveries by truck or foot. They pick up letters and packages from other sites and deliver mail and shipments.

USPS Trucking Jobs Conclusion

You’ve made it to the end of our blog post. We can’t thank you enough for reading, and we hope this information has given you some insight into the field of United States Postal Service Trucking Jobs. It’s a great place to start but not the only option.