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Fidelity Bank USSD Transfer Code

Here comes Fidelity money transfer code for self-service from the side of customers. Making easy transactions through dialing of a ussd code has been updated and simplified for all users. As one can now transfer money from one Bank account to another bank account in Nigeria.

previously, we updated How To Withdraw Money From Fidelity Bank ATM Without your ATM Card. The short transfer code that was launched recently by Fidelity bank works in almost all mobile devices, so it requires no internet connections before you can use it. It’s free and simple to use.

fidelity transfer code


To get your money transferred from your own Fidelity Bank account to another, just dial this code using this format *770*Account Number*Amount# and then do well to follow the prompts on your phone’s screen in order to achieve the transaction completely.

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Note: For the first time of using the code, you will be required to input your Fidelity Bank account number, in order to set-up your PIN or Password for any transaction you are making.

Also take note that you are expected to dial the code on your registered mobile number linked to your bank account. Without that, the process will be incomplete.

 Benefits of Using Fidelity Transfer Code

  • No internet connection needed
  • It is fast and convenient.
  • Transaction is completed in Seconds.
  • Very easy to use etc.

You can also dial the code directly *770# and access other services from the bank. Do well to share this post. Regards.