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How To Freely Publish Android APK Application on Google Play Store

Most developers usually encounter the problem of publishing their apps online after undergoing a good number of days developing a well-defined app for the world to make use in order to perform the act in which it was created. One of the leading platform to publish Android apps is the Google Play Store which has over 1 billion active Android users exploring their services on a daily basis. Due to the number of users that patronize Google Play Store it therefore one of the best Android app publishing store to publish your app.

Normally, after creation apps, what comes to your mind is definitely how to publish to Google Play Store, so don’t bother as we go along with this tutorial on how to publish an Android app to Google Play Store. We will give you the step to step guide on how to actualize that.

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For you to be able to publish your app on Google Play Store having a Google account is a pre-requisite, I mostly recommend that you have a specific email created just for Google Play developer account. To be able to publish your app you need to pay $25 Google Play registration fee so you will be able to access Google Play Developer Console and begin to publish your apps.
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Google Play Developer console

It is important to go through all the list of developer and merchant countries so that you will know the location where Google Play users are mostly supported and that also enable you to sell your app if it is for sale or for subscriptions also.

Before proceeding simply read all the developer distribution agreement in order for them not to find fault in your app or for you not to violate their policy, so that you can prevent yourself from being at fault in the future.

>1. Simply choose a suitable name that will represent your image on Google Play Store and also proceed by filling all the account details and after all that you should wait for approximately two days to be registered
>>2. Peradventure your app is made to be sold or for subscriptions basis then linking your merchant account to your developer account is required
>>3. Uploading your app require the below procedures:

  • Simply proceed to ’All applications’/ select ’Add new application’;
  • Continue by selecting ’Default language’ and enter the ’Title’ of the app (this should be entered the way you want it to appear on the store);
  • Next, click ’Upload APK’ and head to your app’s homepage;
  • Upload’. apk’ file of your desired app.

>>4. It is better to do a ’Beta’ or ’Alpha testing’ to get the feedback of end users before publishing your app and this will help you for better optimization of your uploaded app and also to make a reasonable change to the app if the need arises.

>>5. Simply head to ’Store listing’ which is most necessary part of uploading the app. In there you will be given a platform to add a short/full description of the app, screenshots, videos, category, ranking, contact details etc. The list can also be adjusted in the future in case there is any mistake or error, so don’t bother if you make any mistake in the process.

>>6. Decide whether your app is ’free’ or ’paid’ in the ’Pricing and Distribution’ section. Just select the distribution countries or location and also adequate category that suite your apps.

>>7. Go ahead and publish your app and wait for it to appear on Google store. Note even at the point of publication you can also make changes to some feature such as the pricing, configuration, distribution that you require may be later in the future.

It is recommended to make effectively use of the options and devices present in the Play Store that usually have good compatibility of your uploaded to be able eliminate some of the negative feedback from users, control the distribution to remove any thing that is not relevant in the app to serve your users more effectively and for it to continue appearing at the top in the store for more easy accessibility.

After undergoing all the steps in this post, you will realize that publishing an app in the Google Play Store is not a big deal, but bear in mind that your app should be unique to be able to stand out among thousands of apps present in the Store.