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Near to Human Robot Bakes Bread – Exactly As Revealed By CES 2019

The CES 2019 showcases the world’s largest technology-driven event and is undoubtedly one of the fascinating parts of the technology world of robots that become more intelligent every day and closer to our human world.

robot bakes bread-CES2019

Today, we saw the launch of a fully automated robot that not only carries out full bake operations, but also takes sales operations.

The Bread Bot bottle made by Wilkinson Baking has shaped levers and tapes, the whole process of producing dough, kneading it, dividing the dough, placing it on the baking tray, setting the temperature of the machine to 395 degrees Fahrenheit, and baking. It even sells it.

Interestingly, customers can choose their favorite bread from a touchscreen to give it a mechanical arm. Not only does this robot take the place of a baker, but also replace the vendor.

The price of the Bread Bot bottle has not been specified accurately, but it seems that the five-year lease for stores is about $ 100,000.

Ref: Cnet