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Interesting Facts About Online Casinos

Online casinos are widespread across different ages and demographics. They offer gamers a safe way to earn money while doing the things they love. Hence, online casinos have amassed tons of followers in recent times.

Online casinos offer several benefits to players, such as casino games. Aside from a legal way to earn money relatively quickly, they also provide an intellectual hobby for gamers who just want to exercise their minds. Plus, experts claim that online games can even benefit your health.

Read on as we explore some interesting online facts you probably didn’t know:

Online Slots Dominate Internet Casinos

Several games exist in the online casino sphere, but online slots take the cake. Online casino gamers play different games, but surveys show that lead in popularity. 

Online Casino Games are not Fixed

Casino games often leave a bad reputation in their wake. Many believe that they are rigged, when in fact, they aren’t. The games rely on practice, skills, and calculations, in order to perfect them. 

Online Casino Games are Popular Among all Demographics

When we think of online games, the stereotype is often old men sitting at a casino wheel. However, the real pictures are quite different. Online casino games are famous among men, women, and teenagers across different locations. 

Cryptocurrency is Gaining Popularity 

Cryptocurrency has always been a favorite among gamers in every genre. Online gamblers prefer cryptocurrency because it allows them to make decentralized transactions without a governing entity. Today, several online casinos accept crypto like bitcoin and Ethereum, as valid payment methods. 

You Can’t Count Cards in Blackjack

Even rookies know the rules around counting cards, as the rules are very widespread. However, very few gamers get used to doing it for themselves. Aside from all the rumors surrounding it, counting cards is fairly easy to learn. Note, however, that you’d likely be asked to leave if caught.

Reviews aren’t Always Reliable

Online casinos, like many online ventures, use reviews to portray their service and customer satisfaction. However, these reviews can be feigned or exaggerated to portray a false identity. Always rely on positive reviews from satisfied customers. In an online industry like casinos, word-of-mouth can direct you in the right direction. 

When searching for a digital casino, you’ll likely want to check the reviews. Many online platforms, casinos alike, can’t always be trusted. Plus, some online casino platforms hire people to populate review platform with glowing reviews

The Biggest Record Win Ever

Since its inception in 1994, casino players and platforms have exchanged billions of dollars. An anonymous man who played on a Microgaming site won over $21.7 million playing a jackpot. Records say that his initial bet was only $0.75. 

Online Games are Legal in Most Countries

Contrary to popular belief, gambling is legal in many countries. Online casinos have had a bad reputation, but the laws change with time and development. The April 2011 “Poker Black Friday” saw the biggest online casino proprietors get arrested. However, many states in the US have now legalized the venture.

The First Casino Launched in 1994

The first casino launched in 1994, coinciding with the dawn of the internet age, It was developed by a company called Microgaming, which launched the game about 100 years after the launch of slot machines. 

The First Slot Machine was Invented in 1895

In 1895, a car mechanic named Charles Fey invented the first slot machine in history. It was famously called the Liberty Bell, and the slot machine had three spinning wheels with the spade, diamond, and heart symbols around each reel. It also displayed the image of a cracked liberty bell.

Due to circumstances, the first slot games took place in Frey’s repair shop and not an actual casino. The game was simple and entertaining, attracting eager customers who played as they waited for Frey to repair their cars.

Casino games are as old as mankind, and both share some of the most impressive memories. These facts portray past and current milestones in online casino history.