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How To Recharge And Get Airtime From Diamond Bank Account Using MTN Via Your Phone

Banking made easy for all in Nigeria. Various banks are just coming up with more sophisticated added services to their systems. Custmers of various banks are no longer stressing themselves to go to the bank for one or two services, as they can use the services provided at the comfort of wherever they found themselves. isn’t this awsome?

Today I will be letting you to know one out of those services you can perform at the comfort of wherever you are using your mobile phone.

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If you have an account with Diamond bank, the news is that, you can now recharge by buying airtime directly from your bank account using MTN line via any mobile phone. Diamond bank partnered with MTN Network to provide this very service for all her customers. And as such, one can be able to recharge up to N3,000 directly from his/her diamond bank account without having to go to the bank for that. The service is very fast, as once you dial the USSD code given below, just few seconds your airtime will be smiling at you. One thing about this newly introduced diamond airtime recharge code is that, it doesn’t require internet access unlike when you are using online mobile banking service. So its very simple and fast.


Very easy and simple, so to buy airtime, dial *302*Amount#, Example: let’s assume, you want to recharge N200, then it will be of this format *302*200#

Make sure the line you are dialing the USSD code on is registered with the diamond bank account. aas in the line associated to the account.

Now, Diamond and MTN network will reply you, once you dial the above given code. They will give you a success transaction message.

To check the airtime after the transaction, dial on your phone with this code *556#.

That’s all, go ahead and enjoy this newly updated service from Diamond bank, but don’t forget to share to friends using the share buttons below.