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How To Buy Credit From Your Sterling Bank Account Via Mobile Phone

Sterling Bank has made it possible for their customers to recharge directly from their bank account, through the use of mobile phones. This service that was brought out, was to make transaction easier for those banking with sterling Bank. So are you a sterling bank holder, you can now recharge through your mobile phones from the comfort of your home or wherever you found yourself to be.

With this very service, one can no longer stress him/her self in using bank ATM for recharging. As it were before, when you get to ATM stand, you see someone queuing, just to make a recharge transaction, waisting energy and time. Gone are the days, when that was the order of the day. Everything is now simplified and made easy for all to use in Sterling Bank Nigeria.

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USSD Code For Buying Airtime On Sterling Bank Account Via A Mobile Phone
Simply dial this code *822*Amount#
with the exact amount you wish to recharge for.
For Example: incase you want to recharge #500 Naira, just dial it in this format *822*500#.

Note: This can only work on the number you used when you registered for Sterling Bank Account. So any number not associated with the account cannot be used in purchasing the credit as it will return a failure result.

Once you are through with the dialing for buying the airtime above, You will receive a message saying, your transaction was successful. That’s all enjoy..

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