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Specs of Hot 2in1 Tablet Chuwi Hi8 With Cheap Giveaway Price

I call this 2in1 Tablet PC an impeccable device as it comes with a giveaway price. This 2in1 tablet known with the lebel identity as Chuwi Hi8 with its great features, is so scarce to find this days. And to have it Chuwi Hi8 arrived with cheap price, so good to obtain.

Chuwi Hi8 which is a 2in1 Tablet has its battery capacity to be 4000mAh with Android 4.4 Kitkat, and running Windows 10 in it. That is to say, you can possibly switch between whichever OS you wish and it gets to run for you.

The Key Features:-
Has its RAM to be 2GB and ROM 32GB :- Which enhances the tablet to run ultrafast surfling, when you talk of browsing online, 3D games and playing of videos. Embedded with DDR3 Memory that triggers all the applications to work faster than jet.

The CPU:- Which is Intel Z3736F Quad Core 2 with 16GHz, it has a good working performance, 60% of power consumption reduction & nearly half package areas, offering more of power for its multitasking and fueling  movies and casual games.

For its Gravty sensing system:- without error, can accuratly and senitively run different applications.
The 3D Graphics Accelerator of the tablet supports games with 3D effects.

For the Bluetooth, it has its ouput to be 4.0 which is faster and the protective mode safer than Bluetooth 3.0 on Data Transmission.

The OTG Function:- Enhances connection with keyboard, projector, mouse and other connective hardwares.

IPS Magic color Panel Screen with 8 inch WUXGA : 1920 x 1200 for IPS Magiccolor panel screen  gives you better experience and knowledge for watching movies and web browsing.

Battery – 4000mAh:-
Has Android 4.4 kitkat added with Window 10 system: the latest dual systems with great interface, running effects and compatibility.

PRICE: The price is at flash sale for now which is $89.39 and will soon go back to its original or normal price at $190 . In conversion depending on dollar rate, Naira has it to be N17,810.

Note: The keyboard in the image above is not included. Check the image here and Steps to buy.