MTN Telecommunication Network is always bringing the best
bonus and data plans to their customers, leaving them with the choice of
selecting between any of these plans. They are working with a very nice goal
which entails serving all their customers with a better and interesting services,
thereby keeping old and new users committed to their Network. Now one can
browse and make free call at cheaper rate on MTN network. So, In this post, we
will be talking about some of the valued features on the following plans;

•    MTN iPulse Tariff Plan
•    MTN Xtra Pro Tariff Plan
•    MTN Xtra Special Tariff Plan
•    MTN XtraValue Bundles  
•    MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan

These tariff
plans are coming in details, as I will be summarizing them, providing the
updated services in 2017, for call rate, Bonuses, Data subscriptions coupled
with free browsing cheat etc. So after reading this post, you will be in a
better position to tell from the various networks in Nigeria, (MTN, Airtel,
Glo  and Etisalat) which is the best in
offering a better service when it comes to Tariff plans, especially when call
making, the flat rate and so on.

mtn network tariff plans

MTN iPulse Tariff Plan
MTN Pulse tariff plan has gone viral in so many marketing
platforms. The tariff plan shouldn’t be a news again to most of us, as the
service has undergone many series of advert on most of the medias in Nigeria (
such as magazines, newspaper, radio and TV stations/channels ). Without doubt,
the advert is also going on via Satellite TVs and in various internet
Users of ipulse tariff plan, are entitled to make local
call to any network at a rate of 11 kobo per second. The first call you make on
the plan in the first minute of the day, will be billed at ₦12. After then, the
normal charging rate takes place. So in other words, making recharge of ₦100
will enable you talk for over 14 minutes of the day or to the next day, if you
wish not to finish the airtime that day. The MTN ipulse plan also give you
cheapest and affordable data plan for browsing on internet. The plan allocates 10MB
and 20MB worth of data to users whenever they recharge ₦100 and  ₦200 airtime respectively.  

Subscribing for 1GB and 1.5GB on MTN network goes for ₦750 and ₦1000
respectively. The data plans varies for some tariff plans, but ipulse gives you
1GB for  just ₦500 only. Talking about
ipulse night browsing data plan, it goes for ₦25 only which will serve you
throughout the night, but with specific time duration. You can as well benefit
from ipuse MTNAwuf4U offer, that gives you an instant 4 times of all recharges
from  ₦400 and above, when you recharge
with this code *888*your airtime pin# Not only that, you can also get 3.5GB
worth of data with just ₦2000 only, send an SMS 110 to 131 to get yours. It is
valid for 30days. Now to subscribe/migrate to this ipulse tariff plan, just
dial this code *406#. Meanwhile,
check other enjoyable services you can get from MTN ipulse Tariff Plan, including
SMS charge rate Here.

free calls and data plans

 MTN Xtra Pro
Tariff Plan
 MTN Xtra Pro is almost similar with MTN ipulse. In other
words, Xtra pro charges users 11 kobo per second for local calls only, which
implies ₦6:60k per minute. The tariff plan charges you an access of ₦5 per day
in order for you to enjoy the cheap call rate. The plan is actually a good one
for those that love making a long duration of call to loved ones and friends.
As we did for ipulse tariff above, you will be able to call any network for
about 14 minutes and 37 seconds of the day, when you recharge a ₦100 credit.  The plan is all about, the more you make call,
the cheaper it becomes. Now to migrate/join MTN Xtra Pro tariff plan, simply
dial this code *401# on your device.
MTN Xtra Special
Tariff Plan
This particular plan is the best for those that make
international calls a lot. The tariff plan charges a call rate of ₦9 per minute
for local calls and same charge rate for international calls too. So if you are
a business man or woman, transacting from different counties, and needed to
make calls right from Nigeria to your partners outside the country, then this
tariff plan remains the best for you. At least it charges you same amount you
make call to local networks for your international calls compared to other MTN
tariff plans. You should also know that, there are limits to country in which
you can call with this plan. Click here to see the countries you can call with
this MTN plan. Meanwhile, you can migrate MTN Xtra plan by dialing this code
*408# on your phone.

MTN XtraValue Bundles    
You need to know the terms and conditions that apply for  MTN Xtra Value, before you can talk of
migrating to the plan. Here, when you buy airtime in bundles, your rate
increases across the bundles. So in other words, when you specifically buy a
bundle worth of ₦5000, your local call rate and that of international call rate
will be billed at ₦33 and ₦39 respectively. Stay in touch, because a detailed
post is coming specifically for MTN XtraValue Bundles, containing its offers
and terms and conditions for subscribers.

bonuses on free call, free browsing, cheap data plans

MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan
This plan
offers 200% of bonus before, but now has been updated to offer 250% bonus for
all recharges you make. To be frank, I have been enjoying from this tariff plan
for long, it remains my best because of its whooping bonuses it offers. I make
calls for hours as if the airtime is free of charge. Off course it is free,
when compared to other tariff plans on MTN network. When you talk of cheap SMS
charge rate, MTN Beta talk is there, what of data bonus, it is same as ipulse
tariff. I personally crafted a special and detailed post, containing everything
you need to know about the beta talk plan and how to migrate Here.

As stated in
the beginning of this post, this is just an insight to Most MTN tariff plans
that offers their subscribers different and best service in 2017. Do well to
enjoy any offer on whichever  plan you
migrate to. In case you wish to de-activate or unsubscribe from any of these
plans, simply dial this code *123# and follow the prompt screen.
Don’t forget
to share this post. Thank you.


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