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4 Advantages Of Choosing Online Faxing For Your Business

Thanks to the continuous innovations brought about by technology, business tools and equipment are getting more convenient and practical. Sticking to traditional methods won’t cut it anymore, especially since competition is getting tighter. As your business implements newer business systems, you need to ensure that they’re beneficial for you in the long run. One thing you need to set your eyes on is to make use of online faxing as they’ll help you save on unnecessary expenses. 

For these reasons, you should consider switching from using a conventional fax machine to electronic faxing. This will allow you to reduce your environmental impacts. After all, consumers nowadays seek companies that apply initiatives in going green. As you utilize electronic faxing to send documents to your customers, suppliers, and business partners, you’ll be able to influence and create a good impact on your brand.

Of course, this is just one of the many benefits of choosing online faxing. Check out more of the benefits of shifting to online faxing for your business below:

benefits of choosing online faxing

1. Easy And Portable 

Perhaps one of the reasons mobile workers enjoy online faxing is the fact that they can fax out any document anytime and anywhere. This is definitely an advantage in work-from-home setups, where tech tools and systems are limited in home offices.

Moreover, some industries with traveling salespeople jump from one place to another and are often busy dealing and closing deals. An online faxing tool can aid their documentation and written transactions, which they can access quickly through smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Remote workers have a lot to gain from learning how to fax from a phone or any device. It’s imperative for them to close a sale as quickly as possible, and securing all the required documentation will expedite finalizing new business deals. 

Needless to say, gone are the days when salespeople have to go back and forth between their headquarters office and their clients so they can close deals. The portability and convenience of online faxing make their work easier, resulting in increased business efficiency.

2. Helps Business Stay Organized 

If you usually experience hectic workdays, chances are you’ll have to deal with numerous printed documents. Imagine how messy your desks can get. There’s also a higher chance that you’ll lose or interchange these documents. All these disorganized files might result in business loss and unhappy clients or business partners.

With online faxing, you can automatically save the file in your organized cloud platform or the hard drive on your computer or other gadgets. These faxed documents can even be backed up. This way, even when you lose them, you’ll still have a copy elsewhere. Furthermore, a cloud backup can help you deal with ransomware attacks

Avoid feeling frustrated each time you look or search for a specific file in a thick pile of faxed prints. By using online faxing, you can easily access your files with an organized system.

3. Reasonably Priced 

Virtual faxing services offer free trials so your business can gain a glimpse into how the system will work for you. As soon as you realize its potential, you can subscribe to the software monthly at a fair price that usually ranges between USD$20 and USD$60, depending on your provider. This investment is quite a steal, considering how widely used the service will be for all your company’s internal staff. 

If you compare this service to using the old-fashioned fax machine, you’ll realize that the traditional system will entail significantly more costs. The fax machine alone is already pricey. Moreover, you need to pay for some parts when they need repair, and you’ll also have to buy ink and paper. Other intangible costs must also be considered. You’ll also have to pay for electricity, landline phone subscriptions, and even maintenance. These are all the costs you can forego when you choose to utilize online faxing. 

There’s a simple signup process for an online fax service that only requires you to enter your contact information, email address, and payment details. Once you’ve supplied that information, you’ll be able to continuously use the service as long as you’re subscribed to it monthly. Some providers may even come with an annual subscription to save you time from paying the fees monthly.  

4. Safe And Secure 

Online faxing provides greater security in information management than using outdated technologies that can’t keep up with security updates. By making use of the latest technology, your business won’t have to deal with forgotten or misplaced faxed papers. There’s also a tendency for your staff to leak out information to other people, whether intentionally or not. All these troubles can be eliminated with virtual faxing. Fortunately, there are passwords and limited access settings with the faxing software to protect the sender’s essential documents and information.


Virtual fax lines are much easier to use than fax machines connected to traditional landlines. Aside from its promotion of sustainability, using online faxing has various other advantages. If you closely look at the ones discussed above, you’ll see that using virtual faxing only has excellent potential in making your operations easier and quicker. Without needing installations and physical equipment, online faxing is a must-own service for your company.