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Addition of Smart Function And Subtraction Of Dangerous Damage To Your Android Device

Most of us upon the advanced level technology is still does not know most of the functions that your smart device can perform. Basically this post is channeled to Android devices on how to maintain and use its features embedded to it.
Among all the features your smart phone can perform, we will be talking of one out of all the other features in this post and that one is, how to take a screenshot. Then in the other side for maintenance, we will talk about a save method in switching off your device to avoid unexpected damage.

1. How To ScreenShot With Your Smart Android Device:
Like some may ask, what is the need of screenshoting? It saves you from spending much of your time, airtime or megabyte in downloading an image. Sometimes you may come across something like a page that contains a special feature (information) and you really want to have that particular web page on your phone, but because there is no option for you to click and download ( i.e not clickable to download). You keep on visiting the web where you saw it often and on. What if you are urgently in need of that page because of the information it contains and to have it, your data subscription has expired, what will be your mood at that moment? I believe you will be frustrated and annoyed. But never to worry because, Screenshot can save you from such stress. Now to screenshot with your device in any location you are when operating your phone, follow the guide below without mistakes.

First, know the meaning and functions of some keys and buttons to be used in performing the task (screenshot).
==> POWER BUTTON: Hope you are familiar with this embedded key, if you are not, it is the key which you hold when switching your device On/Off.
==>VOLUME BUTTON OR KEY:  This key is sub-divided into two which can be; ( +volume and -volume.) +volume function is to increase the sound/volume of your device while -volume is for decreasing your device’s sound/volume. Just vice versa.

==> Now, When you see any image or page that contains an information, just  hold your (power button) and same time hold your (-volume button) key for 3 seconds. Then the device should take the screenshot. That’s all. To check what you have screenshot, goto your gallery and check on a new folder which will appear to be with the name “screenshot” and your screenshot image or page ill be smiling at you.

2. How To Avoid Unexpected Damage When Switching Off Your Device.
Are you such a one that removes your phone’s battery without switching it off first? Do you used to switch off your device when you have so many applications running on the background or when  minimixed? Is your flashtorch/light, data, hot spot, wifi, gps, bluetooth etc ON when switching your phone off?  Know it that you are causing your device a lot of damage. And as a result of that may lead to so many damages which you don’t expect. And some of the damages that it can result to are;
-Destroying your device’s Hardware,
-Bricking your device
-Corrupting your data etc
When any of these happens, is either your device gets damaged entirely or it may need a professional hand to repair it, if and only the damage is not much on the device.

“Prevention the say is better than cure” so endeavor to switch off your phone with the power button when you must have cleared the apps running on your background and same way with bluetooth, wifi, flashtorch etc in order to avoid corrupting your data(s). Never switch off your phone by removing the battery or the hardware and bricking damages will take place and by now, you should know what that can result to, so avoid entirely.

I believe you gained alot from this post, more is still on the way coming. Do you know what to do? it is simple, just appreciate us with your comment because we LOVE Comments.