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Tips to Find Netflix Content You Wish to Watch

The most popular ‘go-to’ service for watching series of TV shows and movies is Netflix. Whether it is classic TV shows, Netflix original programming or popular films, there is so much on its content, and this can be very overwhelming. And you know as a Netflix user, that the service’s recommendation and search functionality is not the best. To find...
techbmc video downloader

Online Video Downloader

Enter the Video URL to the below "All in One Downloader" tool and then click on "Download Video" button to automatically get the clip downloaded to your device for free. Select the video resolution you want and then get the videos saved offline, for later watching, sharing and for anything you have in mind to do with it. About Techbmc...
Netflix Beta Features

How Netflix Beta Features is Turned On or Off

If you happen to be a longtime user of Netflix, it might actually happen that you are a beta tester – unknown to you. Netflix, unlike programs such as Windows 10 Insider preview, may silently pass along new features across to you before making it available to every other person in the world. The button labelled "Skip Intro" is...
Best Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online HD

Top 20 Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online HD

Are you feeling bored? Are you looking for a way out of it? Do you love Hindi movies? Well this article is just for you. With the way the world is going, we tend to get bored with life, work and even social media. So sometimes, watching movies can be a great way of escape because it takes you...
Netflix Parental Control

Netflix Parental Control Settings For Matured Contents

Are you new to Netflix? it's a platform where you can watch movies and TV shows. You can download the Android app from Google Play Store, which after installation, you sign in and get its movie list and series, Stream Netflix india shows etc. Today we are looking at how to Restrict Kids From Mature Netflix Content Using the...