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What is SEO Link Building?

One of the most important and practical SEO strategies is link building, which helps search engines to track web pages.

Search engines help with tracking web pages from links and follow any link that is on a page. Link building is one of the hardest parts of a SEO job as it is to try to get high quality website links.

Getting quality links will increase your PR or PageRank and eventually that page will show up in Google results.

Google Algorithms

Google has optimized its algorithms so that if a website tries to get spam backlinks using linkfarm or the same link farm. He will identify it and will eventually be fined.

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Types of Website links

Internal link

An internal link is a link that links to pages on the same site, and the Google bot will link to that page from one website to another.

External link

There are links to other websites if you have content from another website or need to refer to a website in the text. will be.

Tip: Google will give better ratings to backlinks to pages with relevant content. For example, if you talk about SEO tags on website A, and an external link to a B site that talks about SEO tags. Google will give it a better rating.

Dofollow link

This link has no tags and by default the link is made in dofollow mode. The more a page receives the more dofollow links. That page will get a better Google rating.

Nofollow link

There are times when you need to include a link to your site but you don’t need to give your site backlinks and ratings. Identified and penalized by Google:

  • For advertising sites that place banners on other sites.
  • For news sites, which report ad reporting.
  • To link to the source site of a content
  • To link to sites that you suspect are spam or not
  • For comments and comments users may submit a link here.
  • In this case it is better to use this link.

Noopener link

If the links to other sites are in noopener mode. Link points will be passed, but Google’s robot will not leave your page after that link.

Norefferer link

This link is used to hide and link to a competitor. This link is such that it appears in Google Analytics statistics as a user logged in directly to Direct.

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These are some of the links randomly used by webmasters or site owners for website effective optimization. So if you are new to SEO world, I guess this have done justice in clarifying you on what seo link building is all about.