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How Google Honeymoon Algorithm Works

One of Google’s policies is that if a website is just launched, it will display web pages in search results. This is the honeymoon algorithm policy discussed in this article.

In this article, we try to discuss Google’s honeymoon algorithm in a useful and understandable way.

How does the honeymoon algorithm work?

The honeymoon algorithm is for 2004, if you have just launched your website, you may have noticed that you are surprisingly on the first page of results (SERP). This is a phenomenon that is part of Google’s policies. When a user searches for a keyword on Google, Google uses indexed information from websites to offer the best results based on the same keyword. This Google policy has reasons that have not been officially announced, but in this article we will look at these reasons, given the experience of administrators and users on the results page.

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Why would you rank first in Google’s results with the honeymoon algorithm?

1. Connect with the search keyword

One of the reasons you are starting to get results is that Google wants to check your link to the same search keyword. If you have used the same keyword on your pages, the user will see You may visit your site. Google is looking to show you the closest and best results to your users, if you are on their website

Use good quality content. Google will give you a better rating.

Note: The exact time for your website to be placed in the honeymoon algorithm is unclear, but even within 2 to 8 weeks it is even said that the website may stay in the honeymoon.

2. Exposure to user visibility

The second reason you might be at the beginning of the results may be that Google wants to expose your site to a newly launched user. Google Honeymoon can be misleading and surprising, it can help grow your site in just a short time.

3. Non-competition in the keyword used

A third possible reason is that you may have used a keyword where there is no competition or that you have written about something that is trending and that soon enough fierce competitors will come to you. . This will slowly lower your rank.

Finally, after keeping you in the honeymoon algorithm, you fall into another algorithm called the sandboxing algorithm. In the next article we will talk about the sandbox algorithm in a useful and understandable way.

Note: Keep in mind that this sudden promotion and sudden drop in your website benefits you and you should not worry, but you should do your best from the very beginning to get your site started for Google.

Google Ranking Criteria

  1. Click Rate (CTR)
  2. Bounce rate
  3. User life on site (time on site)

Click rate

Click Rate Calculation Formula: The number of clicks on a website divided by the number of page views on Google is called CTR or the same click rate.

User retention on site: Just when a user enters your site until your site is logged out, your on-site time is counted. However, this may be a longer or longer time on the site, which means that the page the user visits is popular, and that means catching up. Google and user satisfaction.

Tip: When you’re on Google Honeymoon, users are more likely to log into your site than they actually are. Because as you said before, you are at the beginning of the Google honeymoon, and you should be the one to place users at the top of the results page to stay satisfied with your site and publish engaging and engaging content. Useful to keep them happy.

Jump rate

The jump rate may even be more important than the two above criteria. Jump rate means that the user visits and exits only one page of your website and does not enter another page of your website. The lower the jump rate, the better.

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Tips to prevent site bounce rates

  1. The speed of loading the site and its pages
  2. UI & UX site appearance
  3. Readability and appropriate content on the site
  4. Avoid using annoying banners and too much advertising

Hope you have been clarified on what Google Honeymoon Algorithm entails or is about? Endeavor to share post and comment your opinion using the below comment box.