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What Eco-Friendly Features do Buyers Desire?

The world, as a global society continues to remain conscious of its environment. We now uphold the value of sustainability in every part of our lives. According to studies shown, a large percentage( about 77%) of Australians and Americans want to live more sustainably. This owes to the reason eco friendly technology and gadgets are evolving, to serve and satisfy their consumers with a big picture of providing a green building future.

Having this picture in mind, you, as a real estate agent, must play your cards well. Focus your plans and tasks to invest in properties with eco friendly features. Also, you will need to learn to communicate and explain effectively this features and its benefits to prospective buyers.

Here, in this article, we offer you effective tips to show you the features buyers will desire and enable you sell it to them.

Features with health benefits

An eco friendly home isn’t only admired for its nature’s effect, but also for the improvement of the quality of life of the buyers. Unlike non eco friendly homes and properties full of harmful chemicals like the volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that are carcinogenic. Eco friendly houses are free from from the kinds of materials used in the typical houses which are toxic to the health causing breathing problems, asthma and heart diseases.

As a real estate agent, ensure to highlight the benefits of the property whenever you display it. Endeavor to enlighten your prospective buyers on the need to go green, in mind, in body and for all the members of the family.

Features with financial benefits

Because Eco friendly houses utilizes things like solar panels, triple plain Windows and other energy appliances which might be pricey, but keeps the home more energy-dependent and reduces the consumption of water; the amount of money for utility bills and monthly upkeep is cut down. So you should portray this benefits to prospective buyers as well as the health benefits of going green.

When you are about to sell, make the buyer understand the long term tangible benefits of having household’s expenses reduced by purchasing a eco friendly home.

Features with environmental advantage

Unlike typical houses which can be sold because of the emotions of the prospective buyers, an eco friendly home is different. Its benefits are often overshadowed by negative talks which might impair the quality or value.

Therefore it’s necessary to provide so many examples of its environmental advantage to your prospective homeowners. They should know they’re doing the right thing own an eco friendly home because they’ll reduce carbon footprint, increasing the quality of their lives and also protecting the planet.

Practice what you preach; Go green yourself!

To create a great atmosphere of agent- client relationship, start by practicing what you preach. Yes, you heard me, Go green. Live in an eco friendly home. This prove that you know your business, you’re reliable and worthy of trust because through your personal experience, you assist buyers in making great decisions.

What if you cannot relocate easily?

Improve your home for sustainability. You’ll have to change and start using a lot of things like solar panels and sustainability interior designs like stone tiles and doesn’t need frequent changes and renovations.

There’s competition in the market, stand out from other competitors by focusing on what features prospective homebuyers will desire. Consider the tips we’ve provided you with, you’ll have buyers rushing in, wanting to play their part in saving our dear world. Ref: mckissock.com

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