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download updated wine application for mac and linux OS

Wine Application Enables you to Run Windows software, Games on Linux & Mac

The Wine program, which enables Windows applications to run on Mac and Linux, has now been updated with many changes and features. The Wine program is one of the best tools for running Windows applications and games on Mac or Linux. Now the newest version of the program, called Wine 5.0, has been updated with many new features and changes. One...
apropos command in linux

Find Linux command With apropos

There are thousands of Linux commands and it is unlikely you will be able to remember them all. The apropos command takes a phrase from you and searches for it among the various commands. If you needed and didn't remember a specific command while working on Linux, you could use the apropos command to find the one you want. For example,...
What is Linux Distribution - Distros

What is Linux Distribution – Distros?

Even if you are new to Linux, you probably have the term "Linux distribution". But what exactly is Linux distribution and what is the difference between different Linux distributions? If you want to use the Windows operating system, just select one of the versions and then install it. All parts of Windows are manufactured by Microsoft and come in one...