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How To Make Your Android Device 5x Faster in Processing

Have you been experiencing slowness in your Android Smartdevice when processing files and applications such as games, Musics, Browsers, and opening PDF files etc  If yes, then this post is meant for you, as I will be unveiling the very steps to make your smartphone become more faster in processing than it was before.

The set up of this does not require any third party app nor tweaking.. It only require your attention in following the guide. So let’s get it rolling for our device.

How Can I Make My Android Phone Function Very Fast When In Use?

Follow below steps carefully to achieve that.

==>1. The very first thing to do, is to access and enable a hidden function known as “Developer options” menu, which can be found in your Android device settings. To make it not to be hidden, goto your phone SETTINGS >> ABOUT PHONE“Then there, you will see “BUILD NUMBER” just tap on it for seven (7) good times, and now the hidden function which is “DEVELOPER OPTION” will now be showing on another menu settings. Read on to locate where it is displaying.

From where you are in the settings, just go back to the Main Settings, and click on ‘DEVELOPER OPTIONS” which is always at the bottom of your settings menu.

==>2. To proceed, click on the “DEVELOPER OPTIONS” Menu, now scroll down when you must have clicked on developer options, and you will see the settings listed below ( note you may get to see your own located under “ADVANCED” Subsection):

>>Window animation scale
>>Transition animation scale
>>Animator animation scale

==>3. When you see the above listed settings, look closely you will see that the default speed is set to be “1x” you can actually change it by tapping them one after the other and changing them to “5x”. When you change them, go back and feel the speed of your phone.

Question If I change the speed of my phone, won’t my phone crash?

Answer: No, it won’t crash but would see that your phone function very fast and smoother in processing things.

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