Secrets Behind Earning More Money Online Through Blogging – More Than A Working Class Government Paid Professor

How important is online blogging to you as a newbie or already existing blogger? What is your financial status like since you started online business career, as in publishing articles or write ups on the niche you have passion for, so that others can benefit from reading it? Have you been blogging without any good outcome for some time now and wondering what you are doing wrong that is negatively affecting your efforts? Are you tired of hearing how to make money blogging without venturing in due to the mentality of not having programming knowledge, for website development/design?

Yes, it is true that before one can achieve a greater height in any field, he or she has to face some trials and challenges before getting to the peak. In as much as this has become the order of the day when it comes to attending a greater height in life, if one is not guided, believe you me, success can be attended, but in a painful and difficult way. And here, it is assumed to be under probability while some without patient end up with nothing.

I titled this post “Secrets and basic tips involved in making cool cash through online Blogging than University or school professors/teachers being paid from government fund” because the cash flow is working only for those that knows the secrets. Having the intention of putting up this kind of goal achieving article online, I thought of first reaching out to other fellow bloggers and using some special tools to analyze their website/blog net worth. After some cool interrogation and findings, I was amazed to the information gathered. Without boring you with much write ups, below are serious problems and mistakes most bloggers are encountering during publishing online and solution to have them solved easily.

How to money through online Blogging

>> Unprofessional website/Blog design
>> Low site traffic as a result of bad Search Engine Optimization (SEO) application
>> Bad content (Plagiarized)
>> No passion, only with the intension of making fast money
>> No patient
>> Rejection from online Revenue Companies, (example Google AdSense, Revcontent,,, infolinks, Mgid, Taboola, Outbrain, Adskeeper, Adfly etc.
>> Low conversion rate due to targeted Geography,
>> failure or error in submission of site to search engines for traffic
>> Not adhering to terms and policy of different Online Search Engine Machines
>> No social media platforms or with very little likes and followers,
>> No skills for writing articles to engage visitors,
>> Not creative
>> No money for services to boost ranking and renewal of domain and host names.
>> Website not protected etc.

Having listed some of the problems and mistakes most bloggers are doing or making, then the solutions are as follows;

As a blogger that intend making it big through blogging or publishing articles online, you don’t need to rush everything. Don’t be in a haste to make it big out of your online job. The first thing to develop or do before entering into the field, is to find out the best niche you have passion for. There are different niches you can choose from in blogging, and while choosing, don’t choose because your friends are in that same field or they are making it big (count sometimes). But choose base on the niche your passion burns for and Good traffic too. Don’t overcrowd your site with different niches, as such blogs hardly grow or gain much traffic from search engines. Only focus on one particular niche for best result.

Below are Blog Niches you can make good money from when you blog passionately:

>>1. How to make money (Business job opportunities, Online career)
>>2. Personal Finance (Banking)
>>3. Health and Fitness
>>4. Technology (Mobile Gadgets. Computer Tech. Electronic products and Appliances, Telecommunication Networks etc.)
>>5. Online Marketing
>>6. Education and Learning (Scholarships, Admission updates for different schools)
>>7. Food and Recipe Blogging
>>8. Beauty and Fashion design
>>9. Lifestyle blogging is made up with some sub-niches and they include;
(Gardening, Travel, Homesteading, Home/Outdoor, Survival, Organization etc.)
>>10. Personal Development

After selecting the best profitable niche, that you are so much passionate about then what next? The next thing to do is to create a professional blog in line with the niche you selected to blog on. If you don’t know how to create a professional blog or website that will match your niche, then hire higher hands to create one for you. You can contact us on for your site creation.

After your website is ready, then next is setting up your blog for easy navigation and writing of articles. Submitting site to search engines for indexing. Write Original contents about your niche and that should be after making necessary research, don’t copy other peoples work. Make your writings professional and don’t forget to make keyword research on longtail keywords and shorttail keywords.

Ensure to adhere terms and policy stipulated by Search Engines like Google, Bing/yahoo, yandex, Baidu etc. for better traffic flow. Read professional write ups on SEO, make it an addict that wherever you see SEO article, you will stop by and read to know what it is talking about. Reason is because Search engine optimization gives you knowledge on how to rank your website to the top.

Try the best you can to engage audience on your site. Build platforms like social media profiles, pages and groups for your site niche. You can start with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Printest, linkdin, Telegram channel etc. also create videos to target users from YouTube channels. After creating the pages and groups, share each post you publish there. Don’t joke with social media sharing because they have high Page Rank Authority PA and Domain Authority DA with great trust flow that can skyrocket your site to the top on search engines.

If you don’t have source of income like Google AdSense advertisement and rest mentioned above, then apply for any of them, once approved, keep posting new things as your earning will keep rising day by day. I recommend you going for Google AdSense first because they are the best for now.

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Remember I mentioned being patient above, now be wise and be patient because blogs grow gradually, and ones it gets to that stage of heavy cash flow, testimony will be yours to tell. With no doubts, many bloggers are earning more than government professors or workers every month. Prove me wrong if you have any backup for that. Meanwhile, empower others by sharing this post. Thank you.

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